Sanders to participate in Fox News town hall without Clinton

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has agreed to participate in a Fox News town hall, without his opponent, Hillary Clinton.

You don’t normally find Democrats doing exclusives with Fox News, but Bernie Sanders has accepted Fox News’ invitation to participate in an hour-long presidential town hall on Monday.

However, his sole opponent, Secretary Clinton, has declined Fox News’ invitation, due to a “scheduling conflict.” That will make Sanders the only Democrat on the network on Monday night.

Sanders’ spokesman Michael Briggs said that there had been conversations to have Donald Trump appear at the same forum, an idea Sanders had welcomed. He has long said that he would like a debate where candidates from both parties are able to participate.

Fox News requested permission from Democratic chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz to host a Democratic debate. She laughed at the prospect.

The town hall featuring Bernie Sanders will be live on Fox News on Monday night from 6pm ET, and is expected to last roughly an hour. It will be part of Brett Baier’s Special Report program.

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