Sanders performs better against Republicans than Clinton

Bernie Sanders
Photo via Gage Skidmore

New polling released today show Bernie Sanders would be perform better against Republicans in a general election than Hillary Clinton.

In a match-up between Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders in Iowa, the poll shows Sanders would come out on top, ahead by 5 points. However, in a match-up against Clinton, Trump would be victor, by a whopping 7 points.

The same isn’t quite true in New Hampshire, however Sanders has a greater lead over Donald Trump than Hillary Clinton. Sanders is ahead of Trump by 10 points, while Clinton is up by just 3.

When Sanders and Bush go head to head in New Hampshire, they’re tied, however Bush is well ahead of Clinton, with a 7 point margin.

If Clinton were to go up against Carly Fiorina in a New Hampshire contest, she would almost certainly lose. The poll found Fiorina ahead by 8 points. However, if Fiorina went up against Sanders, he would be more likely to win, ahead in this poll by 2 points.

The poll was conducted by NBC/WSJ/Marist.

I think it’s fairly clear that Bernie Sanders is actually electable, perhaps even more than Hillary Clinton would be.

Bernie Sanders

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