Sanders grassroots raises $87,000 in 24 hours

Bernie Sanders
Photo via Michael Vadon

A grassroots fundraising drive for Senator Bernie Sanders’ birthday has raised $87,000 in just 24 hours.

At midnight on the East Coast, the group Grassroots for Sanders had raised roughly $87,000 for Bernie 2016.

Actor and director Mark Ruffalo donated to and promoted the moneybomb, saying he donated to Sanders because he defends labor rights and the middle class.

“We are ecstatic at having raised over $87,000 from today’s Bernie Birthday Moneybomb,” said Aidan King and David Fredrick, co-founders of Grassroots for Sanders.

Another moneybomb organised by the group took place on July 15 in support of a $15 minimum, wage. That fundraising effort raised $62,000 for the campaign.

“Adding in the donations in the past 24 hours to our total from previous donation drives, Grassroots for Sanders has generated well over $225k in donations to Bernie’s campaign.”

Bernie Sanders

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