NY Times responds to readers upset with Sanders coverage

Bernie Sanders speaking at campaign town meeting
Photo via Bernie Sanders/Facebook

The New York Times is analyzing its own coverage after users made inquiries about the lack of coverage of Senator Bernie Sanders.

The Bernie Blackout is alive and well. On Wednesday, NPR had a segment on Joe Biden’s potential run. Mara Liasson, the national political correspondent, closed her segment without even mentioning Bernie Sanders as an opponent.

“There are many Democrats who think it would be good for Hillary Clinton because she’d have a serious opponent… Right now, she’s basically running against herself and her problems.”

Then there’s the New York Times, the poster child for what critics refer to as the “Liberal Media.”

Despite Bernie Sanders being the second most searched term on their website in the last 30 days, the Times has written more articles on Martin O’Malley’s run for president than Bernie Sanders.

Their readers have noticed and aren’t too happy. Many comments are similar to this one: “The language in this piece is carefully, cleverly selected to portray Senator Sanders as a senile, aggressive old bully compared with the supposed reasonable, presidential, Hillary Clinton. Even Times editorials on George W. Bush use more flattering language than this piece. How this escaped the editing process astonishes me…”

Today the Times’ Public Editor, Margaret Sullivan, issued a statement including good news for supporters. “I’ve heard your requests and over the next few days… I will be doing a content analysis of the coverage.”

This could potentially be a massive victory for those calling for an end to the Bernie Blackout.

You can read the whole post here.

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