Sanders holds onto campaign attendance records

Photo via Bernie 2016

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has kept a firm grip on his record attendances at campaign rallies after Trump event on Saturday night.

The media reported that 30,000 had attended the event in Mobile, Albama, however this panoramic photo of the 34,000-seat venue shows the turnout to be just half that, at best.

However, this didn’t stop media outlets, including CNN from reporting the turnout as 30,000. Have a look at the photo and decide for yourself how many people were there.

Following Trump’s rally, Rachel Maddow on her MSNBC show estimated that just 20,000 turned out to the event.

This leaves the Sanders campaign with a tight grip onto records it has already set during the campaign for the largest attendance at any campaign event, of any candidate.

Sanders recently attracted crowds of 27,500 and 28,000 in Los Angeles and Portland respectively. It remains to be seen whether any candidate can beat Sanders’ record turnouts.

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