Bernie pulls ahead in Iowa State Fair straw poll

Bernie Sanders in Iowa
Photo via Bernie 2016

Bernie Sanders has pulled ahead of Democratic rival Hillary Clinton in a straw poll at the Iowa State Fair.

At the close of the poll on Saturday, Sanders was leading Clinton 53.36 per cent to 40.53 per cent, while the nearest contender was Martin O’Malley, who was sitting on just under 4 per cent of the vote.

The straw poll is being conducted by Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate, and a total of 639 Democrats have voted in the poll thus far.

While the straw poll should not be taken too seriously, it is an indicator that the Sanders campaign will be very pleased with. Straw polls often receive national media coverage, and this one is bound to provide a flurry of positive coverage for Senator Sanders.

Sanders spoke at the Iowa State Fair today, while his opponent Secretary Clinton decided against speaking at the Des Moines Register soap box.

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