Senator Bernie Sanders

If a general election was held today, Bernie Sanders would defeat every top GOP candidate, according to a new poll.
Bernie Sanders in Sioux City, IA

Democratic presidential contenders Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are tied nationally, after Clinton's lead over Sanders vanished.
Bernie Sanders

New Quinnipiac polling released Friday morning shows Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders tied nationally for the Democratic nomination.
Bernie Sanders in New Hampshire

Presidential contender Bernie Sanders remains in the lead in New Hampshire, according to a Boston Herald/FPU poll released today.
Bernie Sanders in Iowa

A new poll out Thursday morning shows Hillary Clinton tied with Bernie Sanders in Iowa, with her 9 point lead vanishing in just months.
Bernie Sanders

A survey undertaken by the Harvard University Institute of Politics shows that millennials prefer Bernie Sanders over Hillary Clinton.
Bernie Sanders speaks at the Iowa Wing Ding

Among independent-minded voters, Bernie Sanders comes out on top, according to results from an IVN survey released today.
Bernie Sanders marches in the Milford, NH Labor Day parade

With just four days to go until Nevadans head out to caucus, the race for the Democratic nomination could not be closer.
Bernie Sanders in New Orleans

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has surged in the latest CNN national poll, climbing 10 points since July.
Bernie Sanders

Hillary Clinton's lead in the Golden State has evaporated, where she is now holding on by just single digits.