Sanders leads Clinton in California

A new poll released Thursday night, just days before the state’s primary, shows Bernie Sanders with the upper hand in California.

The USC Dornsife/Los Angeles poll shows Sanders leading Democratic primary opponent Hillary Clinton by one point, a sign he is building up his support in the Golden State.

Sanders’ one point lead is within the margin of error.

Among voters under 50, Senator Sanders holds a dominating 27-point advantage over Secretary Clinton, who leads Sanders in the over 50 bracket.

82 percent of voters under 30 said they held a positive view of Sanders.

California’s primary rules mean that independent voters, who are not registered Democrats are able to participate. This is expected to benefit Sanders, who generally performs best with independents.

Voters in California will head to the polls on Tuesday.

Sanders significantly closes gap in California

Hillary Clinton’s lead in the Golden State has evaporated, where she is now holding on by just single digits.

Support for Bernie Sanders in California is skyrocketing, according to a new Field poll released this morning. it shows Clinton’s once-strong double digit lead has evaporated to just 6 points.

Sanders attracts the support of 41 per cent of likely voters, while 47 per cent say they support Clinton.

An LA Times poll conducted last month showed Clinton to have a 14 point lead over the Vermont Senator, while a Field poll taken around the same time last year showed Clinton with a commanding 42 point lead.

Today’s newly released poll was conducted from the 24th of March to April 4th, and has a margin of error of plus or minus 4 points.

Sanders leads in two national polls

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is leading his opponent Hillary Clinton in two recent nationwide polls.

McClatchy/Marist poll was the first to be released this week that showed Bernie Sanders in front, with a small lead of two points.

Another poll released today also reflects Sanders’ new frontrunner status. The The Atlantic/PRRI poll found the independent Vermont Senator to have a one point lead across the country.

It’s also important, however, not to miss the IBD/TIPP poll, which showed Clinton with a slight one point lead, however this poll had a much greater margin of error, and a small sample size.

These new polls reflect Sanders’ growing momentum, after dominating the most recent primaries and caucuses, winning some states like Alaska, Washington and Hawaii in landslide victories.

Sanders, Clinton in virtual national tie

A brand new Bloomberg poll released today shows Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton in a virtual tie nationally.

The Bloomberg poll of likely voters shows 49 per cent support Sanders, and 48 per cent support Clinton, putting them in a virtual tie.

The poll also showed that Bernie Sanders is the better candidate for a general election, as he would defeat every Republican candidate by larger margins than Hillary Clinton.

Sanders would defeat Trump by 24 points, Cruz by 12 points and John Kasich by 4 points. Meanwhile, Clinton’s lead over Trump and Cruz is much tighter, and she trails John Kasich in hypothetical match ups.

The overall sample has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.1 percentage points, while the subgroup of 311 Democratic primary voters has a margin of error of plus or minus 5.6 percentage points.

Bernie Sanders leads in Utah

The final poll before tomorrow’s Democratic caucuses in Utah show Bernie Sanders with an edge over Hillary Clinton.

A poll conducted by Deseret News/KSL puts Bernie Sanders in front of primary opponent Hillary Clinton by 8 points.

33 pledged delegates are at stake on Tuesday in Utah’s presidential caucuses. A large win will help Sanders make up his pledged delegate gap with Secretary Clinton.

In February, Clinton led Bernie Sanders by 7 points in the Beehive State, according to a Utah Policy survey.

Sanders leads in final Missouri poll

The final poll conducted in Missouri before tomorrow’s primary puts Bernie Sanders in front of Hillary Clinton.

The PPP poll of likely voters put Senator Sanders ahead by just one point. The poll has a margin of error of 3.4 per cent.

Missouri will hold an open primary on Tuesday, which allows all registered voters to vote in the Democratic primary, regardless of party registration. This is a format that has favored Sanders in states such as Michigan, which he won last week.

Bernie Sanders leads in Illinois

After trailing Secretary Clinton by margins as great as 42 points in polls this week, a new poll shows him in front in Illinois.

The CBS News/YouGov poll, the most recent one out of Illinois, has Sanders ahead of Secretary Clinton by two points.

He leads the former Secretary of State 48 to 46 per cent.

It’s important to note that another poll released today out of Illinois has him trailing by six points, but this poll was conducted a few days earlier, and has a smaller sample size.

The polling trend here is reminiscent of what happened in Michigan, where Sanders trailed by double digit margins, until he won on primary day by just less than two points.

Sanders and Clinton remain tied nationally

The race for the Democratic nomination is deadlocked, with Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton still neck and neck.

A new IBD/TIPP poll released today put Clinton ahead of Sanders by just 2 points, within the margin of error, putting her in a statistical tie with Bernie Sanders.

Since IBD/TIPP’s last poll in January, support for Clinton has dropped 5 points, while support for Sanders has grown by the same number.

A recent FOX News poll put Senator Sanders in front of Secretary Clinton by 3 points.

Sanders leading Clinton nationally: new poll

A new poll released by Fox News on Thursday gives Bernie Sanders nation front-runner status, leading Hillary Clinton by 3 points.

This is the first poll that puts Sanders ahead nationally. Just two months ago, he was trailing Clinton by 22 points.

The new poll showed Sanders with the support of 47 per cent of likely Democratic voters, while Clinton had just 44 per cent.

“One thing that is clear from our poll — and others — is that Clinton has been losing support and Sanders has been gaining,” says Democratic pollster Chris Anderson. “And this process appears to have accelerated since the contests in Iowa and New Hampshire.”

The poll shows Clinton quickly losing support among women, a group which she held a commanding lead over just months ago. It also confirmed that people are growing tired of Clinton running for the presidency, with 52 per cent saying they are fatigued.

Sanders the strongest general candidate on both sides

A new head-to-head poll shows Bernie Sanders leading all Republicans in a hypothetical general election scenario.

The Quinnipiac University poll released on Thursday morning shows Sanders leading every Republican candidate in a general election match-up, while Clinton trails both John Kasich and Marco Rubio.

“American voters feel the Bern in November match-ups,” the university said in its press release.

Against Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz, the poll shows Sanders with a 10 point lead. He leads Kasich by four points, and Marco Rubio and Donald Trump by six points.

The news isn’t as good for Hillary Clinton, who polls much closer to the Republican candidates. The poll showed her trailing John Kasich, and Marco Rubio by eight and seven points respectively.

“It’s certainly Sen. Bernie Sanders’ moment. The Vermont firebrand leads all potential GOP rivals in raw numbers and raw emotion with the best scores for favorability and several key character traits,” said Tim Malloy, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Poll.

“The candidate running best against Sanders is Ohio Gov. John Kasich, and he’s in fourth place with 6 percent in the Republican presidential pack, unlikely to make it to the main event.”

“Sanders has a lackluster 51 percent favorability rating, but that’s better than all the rest. Most of the top candidates have negative scores,” he said.