Bernie Sanders wins Oregon

Bernie Sanders has defeated opponent Hillary Clinton in Oregon’s Democratic presidential primary, according to AP and NBC News.

With 60 percent of the vote in, Sanders leads Clinton by tens of thousands of votes.

The race in Kentucky is much tighter, where Clinton is the presumptive winner. She leads Sanders in that state’s count by less than 2,000 votes.

You can see the live results of both of today’s Democratic primary contests here.

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Live results: Oregon and Kentucky primaries

Bernie Sanders will be looking to continue his mainland winning streak, after big wins in West Virginia, Indiana and Rhode Island over the past weeks.

He will be looking to win a large majority of the 55 pledged delegates in Kentucky, and 61 in Oregon, to help him close Clinton’s pledged delegate lead.

Sanders has long been a favorite to win in Oregon, where tens of thousands of voters recently changed their party affiliation to vote in the Democratic presidential primary, a good sign for the Vermont Senator.

Both Oregon and Kentucky hold closed primaries, which means to participate you must be registered Democrat.

Live results below will update automatically.

Live Results

Kentucky Oregon

Live results: West Virginia primary

Bernie Sanders is expected to perform well in West Virginia on Tuesday, a state where he has consistently polled well since last year.

The most recent MetroNews poll out of West Virginia shows Sanders head of primary opponent Hillary Clinton by 4 points, while a Public Policy Polling survey shows him with an 8 point edge.

There are 45 pledged delegates at stake in today’s contest, while the state will send another 5 unpledged delegates to the Democratic National Convention in July.

A big victory for Sanders in West Virginia will go some way to helping him close his pledged delegate deficit, and will assist his campaign in building momentum heading into upcoming primary states, like Kentucky, Oregon and California.

Live results from West Virginia will be updated below in realtime, after polls have closed.

Live Results

Bernie Sanders wins Indiana

NBC, CBS and FOX have projected Bernie Sanders the winner of Indiana’s Democratic primary on Tuesday.

Polling conducted in Indiana over the past week showed Sanders trailing Clinton by considerable margins. The most recent poll had him down by four points, a statistical tie.

Bernie Sanders has defied all expectations, winning Indiana’s primary by at least six points, according to realtime vote totals.

There were 83 delegates up for grabs in Indiana’s Democratic primary, and the state has an additional 9 unpledged delegates.

You can follow the vote count live here.

“For the past dew weeks, the corporate media has counted us out of this election. The political and financial establishment of this country have been vocal in their desire for us to go away,” Sanders said in a statement.

“Today, Indiana voters had another idea.”

On the Republican side, Donald Trump crushed Ted Cruz, while John Kasich finished in third place. As a result of today’s primary defeat, Cruz has dropped out of the Republican primary race.

Live results: Indiana primary

Bernie Sanders will be looking for a strong victory in Indiana today, to collect delegates in order to close his pledged delegate deficit, and remain competitive in the lead up to the Democratic Convention in July.

The most recent poll conducted in Indiana showed Clinton with a small lead of just four points, a statistical tie, meaning today’s primary could go either way.

Polls in the Hoosier State opened at 6am this morning, and will close at 6pm this evening.

There are 83 delegates up for grabs in Indiana’s Democratic primary, and the state has an additional 9 unpledged delegates.

You can follow the live results of today’s Democratic primary in the state of Indiana below. Results will begin to come in once polls have closed.

Live Results