Bernie Sanders has a path to the nomination

Don’t let the media fool you. Bernie Sanders has a path to the Democratic nomination, especially after Super Tuesday.

The fact Sanders managed to win four of his campaign’s five target states, only narrowly falling short in Massachusetts, proves that he can target and win just about any state he likes.

He didn’t go into Super Tuesday trying to win every state his could. His campaign was able to identify states where he could win, run a strong campaign, and win, in many states by huge margins.

This shows that in upcoming primary states, he can do exactly the same thing. Looking ahead the next week or so, he can win Kansas, Nebraska and Maine. The real test will come on March 8, when Michiganders head to the polls.

If he can win Michigan, there’s no reason he can’t go on to win states like Florida, Illinois, Ohio and Arizona, all delegate-rich states that can help him to close Secretary Clinton’s pledged delegate lead.

Even if the next two weeks don’t go as well for Sanders as many expect, he has opportunities even further down the track to win delegates in large states such as California, and New York. He also has a good shot at winning Wisconsin and Washington.

Don’t let the media fool you. The Sanders campaign has proven it can target states it believes it can win, and win them. The primary schedule from here favors Sanders, and there is no reason why he cannot close Clinton’s pledged delegate lead, and come out on top by July.

If he has a clear lead with pledged delegates, the unpledged delegates will come around to support his candidacy, so he can unite to the party to defeat the Republican candidate in a general.

What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments. I’ll also be happy to answer any of your questions about the primary schedule, Bernie’s path to the nomination or Super Tuesday. Just leave your questions below.

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