Sanders releases new ad ahead of Iowa caucuses

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders will begin airing a brand new television advertisement in Iowa this week, just days ahead of the state’s caucuses.

Sanders’ new issues-focused ad, dubbed American Horizon, will hit the airwaves in the Hawkeye State on Tuesday, less than one week before Iowans head to caucus.

“There are those who say we cannot defeat a corrupt political system and fix a rigged economy,” Sanders says in the new spot.

“But I believe we need to lift our vision above the obstacles in place – and look to the American horizon.”

The new spot follows a wildly popular campaign ad from the Sanders camp which went viral earlier this week. At the time of writing, America had roughly 2.5 million views on Youtube.

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  1. Bernie Sanders is bringing forth a paradigm shift of consciousness.

    I say this with respect. Comprehending Bernie Sanders, is much easier when you are able to hold more than one thought construct within your mind at the same time. Emotionally reactive personalities have a hard time with this. That is why emotionally reactive people are always used as pawns, by those that know how to push their buttons to get them to do their bidding. Bernie Sanders is the sanest and most grounded political candidate we have had for a very long time. If the masses miss this chance to transcend their consciousness issues, it’s going to get dark for a very long time.

    As we incarnate into our current lives, the entrainment of cult/ure is something that we transcend with a focus of consciousness.

    Our abilities of response in life are important. It is our will, and the condition of our will, that allows us to respond or react in life. If we are not conscious of how we are responding, we may lose our consciousness within being reactionary. If we are not conscious of how we are responding, our abilities of response, we may freeze within the stagnation of consciousness and lack the ability to be conscious.

    Entrainment itself, in the way I am using it, refers to being led to be controlled by outside forces. A person being born and then controlled by the mind constructs of the society they are born into, is an example.

    Cultures are cults of varying forms. Just like the image of what a culture dish is, within the science lab. Societies are societal cults. There are many forms and variations of cults.

    When we incarnate, we are being born into our physicality. We are manifesting our physicality, as we incarnate into it. It is a continual process, as we live and embody the physicality we are creating.

    Everyones abilities of embodiment, or disembodiment, relate to their focus of consciousness and their abilities of response of their particular experience of incarnating. Those that can remember and have conscious memories of their past lives, believe in reincarnation due to the fact they have consciousness of what it is. It is an experiential reality for them.

    Often times, those people can go to places they lived in former lives and have deeper recollections of memories of those lives when they lived in those places. Some people can actually prove things they know, and are recalling, by historical records. I have done this myself.

    When you have consciousness of various lives, through the time and space, of the emanations of your incarnations, you are able to see and discern through various cultures of societies you pass through. You are not subjugated to the consciousness of those cultures of societies. You are not subjugated, controlled, by the consciousness of those around you. You are freely empowered within the consciousness of incarnation.

    When we have and build upon a meditative state of consciousness, we are able to see a stream of thoughts and discern if they make up a structure of thought, or are a jumble of random energies. Thoughts are energy. They hold energy we can build with or destroy with.

    When you can see thoughts as if they are a stream of energy, you are better able to discern if indeed they are your thoughts or the thoughts of society that are pressing upon you to be considered as yours. Energetic empowerment allows one to be conscious above the streams of thoughts, within consciousness itself, to discern these things.

    When one is conscious of the reality that they are emanating an incarnation of manifestation within the physical realm; they are conscious that they are not that physical body, but rather they are that which is manifesting the body for the experience of their incarnation. That is a discernment that allows one to be consciously alive within their life, as opposed to experiencing a hallucinatory life.

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