Sanders goes trick-or-treating with his grandchildren

While in Lebanon, New Hampshire, presidential candidate Bernie Sanders went trick-or-treating with three of his grandchildren.

Sanders met up with three of his grandchildren, Grayson, Ryleigh and Sunnee, and their parents near Colburn Park, not far from where he held a campaign event a little while earlier.

As Sanders and his family moved along, the independent from Vermont paused to shake hands and take some photos with well-wishers. One man said it was amazing to see him out. “I’m trick or treating, you know,” Sanders replied.

“Alright, Michael, you can get some candy. Tell them you’re dressed up and pretending to be a communications director,” Sanders told his communications director.

Before leaving, Sanders invited his grandchildren out for dinner. They chose instead to continue trick-or-treating.

The first Democratic presidential forum is next week

Rachel Maddow will host the top three Democratic presidential candidates in a forum in South Carolina on Friday.

The forum will kick off at 8pm EST on Friday the 6th of November. Participating in the debate will be former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, former Governor of Maryland Martin O’Malley and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

On Friday night, candidates will take to the stage at Winthrop University’s Byrnes Auditorium where they will face questions asked by MSNBC personality Rachel Maddow.

Maddow is taking question suggestions online on her Facebook page, on Twitter using the #MSNBC2016 hashtag, or via on email.

“This forum will allow candidates to share their visions for our country, speak to southern specific issues and concerns, and show that Democrats are focused on giving working and middle class families an opportunity to succeed,” said SCDP Chair Jaime Harrison.

Vice President Biden meets with Bernie Sanders

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders met with Vice President Joe Biden for about one hour on Thursday at his residence.

In a press release, Sanders’ campaign said the two met to discuss critical issues facing the United States, including campaign finance reform and public education.

“Under the leadership of President Obama and Vice President Biden, this country has come a long way economically since President Bush left office and we were losing 800,000 jobs every month and the world economy was on the brink of financial collapse,” Sanders said.

“I look forward to working with President Obama and Vice President Biden to tackle some of the major issues facing our country.”

Sanders announces New Hampshire trip

Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders will travel to New Hampshire on Friday for a series of town hall meetings, and a field office visit.

Sanders’ campaign announced on Thursday that the Senator will travel to New Hampshire on Friday. He will spend two days in the Granite State.

Just after midday on Friday, Sanders will be meeting with senior citizens in Manchester. Later that afternoon, just before 5pm, Sanders will visit the Nashua Field Office.

On Friday night, the independent from Vermont will kick off a town hall in Derry, at the Pinkerton Academy-Shepard Auditorium. Doors open at 6pm, with the event set to start at around 7pm.

On Saturday, Sanders will be holding a press conference in Concord, not long after 11am. At 1pm, he will hold a town hall meeting in Warner, with doors to open at noon. Later, at 4pm, the Senator will host another town hall at the Lebanon High School Gymnasium in Lebanon. Doors will open an hour prior to kick-off.

You can view full details of Bernie Sanders’ tour in New Hampshire on the campaign’s press release.

Leading academics launch ‘Higher Ed for Bernie’

Scholars from a variety of universities, prominent journalists and union leaders joined together to issue a statement in support of Bernie Sanders.

The statement, issued on Tuesday, signals the start of a new organizing initiative, Higher Ed for Bernie, which includes about 400 members. The group will sponsor events on college campuses across the country.

“Bernie Sanders is the only candidate seeking the nomination from either party who has a serious and concrete proposal and demonstrated a resolute commitment to higher education,” the statement reads.

Signatories to the statement include Dr Cornel West, a prominent activist and Professor of Philosophy and Christian Practice at Union Theological Seminary, and Frances Fox Piven, a distinguished professor in political science and sociology.

The full statement, along with a list of Higher Ed for Bernie supporters can be found on the campaign’s website.

College students to hold town hall meetings for Bernie

Tonight, supporters of Bernie Sanders from more than 200 colleges and universities will hold town meetings for the presidential candidate.

Senator Sanders will speak to close to 2,000 people at George Mason University at 7pm on Wednesday night, which will be telecast live across the country to hundreds of meetings in gymnasiums, dorms, classrooms and cafeterias, as part of a national organizing effort.

In New Hampshire, Felicia Teter will hold an town meeting event on campus with her group of almost 300 members, Dartmouth Students and Staff for Bernie.

In Sioux City, Iowa, community group Morningside for Bernie will hold an event on the college campus.

The campaign boasts that close to 40,000 college students have signed up to volunteer on the campaign, many of whom hold events and grassroots activities on-campus.

Jane Sanders talks to Bloomberg Politics

Jane, wife of presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, spoke to Bloomberg’s With All Due Respect about life on the campaign trail.

Jane O’Meara Sanders sat down for an interview with Bloomberg’s With All Due Respect, where she discussed the growing up, meeting Bernie and the campaign.

Jane first met Bernie when she was working as a community organizer in Burlington. Someone told her she sounded “just like Bernie Sanders,” who at the time was running for mayor of the city.

On the challenges of being the wife of a presidential candidate, Sanders said she and Bernie have trouble walking down the street. “We just walked down in New York and people are turning around and stopping and asking for selfies,” she said.

When Bernie is not on the campaign trail, Jane says he is playing soccer, baseball or chess with his grandchildren. “That’s something your viewers wouldn’t know, but that’s always been something that happens every time he’s home.”

You can watch clips from the interview on the Bloomberg article.

Nancy Pelosi praises Bernie Sanders’ campaign

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi praised the campaign of presidential candidate Bernie Sanders on Tuesday, calling him “fabulous”

Speaking at George Washington University, Pelosi said that Bernie Sanders is “fabulous” and “has a very important tonic for the country, and for the Democratic party, because he has ideas.”

“Bernie Sanders was my colleague in the House. We voted against DOMA, you know, against all of those things people are subjecting to scrutiny now. He’s fabulous, and he has a very important tonic for the country and for the Democratic Party because he has ideas,” Pelosi said.

“He might win the nomination,” she said.

Crowd goes crazy for Sanders at Iowa dinner

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders spoke to an enthusiastic crowd at the Iowa Democratic Party Jefferson Jackson dinner on Saturday night.

“Thank you, Iowa,” Sanders said to the crowd of screaming supporters, following a rousing introduction from Iowa Democratic Party chair Andy McGuire.

To kick off his speech, Sanders thanked President Obama and Vice President Biden for their work in making progress to fix the United States economy.

Each sentence was followed by passionate cheering and applause from supporters in the crowd. Sanders supporters were waving around campaign rally signs, glow sticks, and home-made LED signs.

Senator Sanders spoke on several key issues, including campaign finance reform. “I promise you, that no nominee of mine to the Supreme Court will be voting to support Citizens United, they will be voting to overturn Citizen United,” Sanders proclaimed.

The independent Senator quickly moved to discuss his campaign for the presidency. “Hundreds of thousands of volunteers in every state in this country are working hard, including 7,000 here in Iowa,” Sanders said.

“Today, I can tell you, and I am very proud of this, we have raised more individual contributions than any candidate in this history of this country, at this point in a campaign.”

“The great political experts, they’ve said in this day and age, that you cannot win a campaign if you do not have a Super PAC,” the Senator said.

“I’m the only Democratic candidate for president who does not have a Super PAC, and we are going to prove the experts wrong, because we are going to win this campaign.”

Sanders finished by discussing some of the difficult decisions and choices he has had to make in his career as a Mayor, a congressmen and a Senator. He said he was proud to be one of the few members of congress who opposed the Defense of Marriage Act.

Bernie’s all-star band rocks Iowa

Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders’ all-star band rocked the Adler Theater in downtown Davenport, Iowa on Friday night.

The capacity crowd of 2,400 turned out to support Sanders, and hear his band of legendary musicians.

The #RockintheBern concert consisted of performances by Wayne Kramer, Marshall Crenshaw and Jill Sobule, Brother Trucker and Matthew Grimm, Walter Schreifels, William DuVall, Lisa Kekaula and Bob Vennum, Sean Kelly, Ryan Miller, Eric Gardner and Brad Jones.

Bernie Sanders took a moment to address the crowd in between acts. “What we’re saying is when millions of people come together to restore their government we can do extraordinary things,” he said.