Jane Sanders talks to Bloomberg Politics

Jane, wife of presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, spoke to Bloomberg’s With All Due Respect about life on the campaign trail.

Jane O’Meara Sanders sat down for an interview with Bloomberg’s With All Due Respect, where she discussed the growing up, meeting Bernie and the campaign.

Jane first met Bernie when she was working as a community organizer in Burlington. Someone told her she sounded “just like Bernie Sanders,” who at the time was running for mayor of the city.

On the challenges of being the wife of a presidential candidate, Sanders said she and Bernie have trouble walking down the street. “We just walked down in New York and people are turning around and stopping and asking for selfies,” she said.

When Bernie is not on the campaign trail, Jane says he is playing soccer, baseball or chess with his grandchildren. “That’s something your viewers wouldn’t know, but that’s always been something that happens every time he’s home.”

You can watch clips from the interview on the Bloomberg article.

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