Sanders supporters propose march on Washington

What started as a Facebook event a few weeks ago has turned into a serious event worth considering, with more than 100,000 pledging to attend.

The Facebook event, currently being administered to by four grassroots supporters, has received over 109,000 RSVPs. It proposes to gather 100,000 Sanders supportersĀ for a rally in Washington, DC.

The grassroots organizers of the rally pitched the idea to staff from the Sanders campaign in a conference call on Wednesday. The official campaign has not yet made any commitments to get behind the proposed event.

If this planned event did go ahead, and attracted attendance in the hundreds of thousands, it would be a serious historical milestone in American politics.

7 Replies to “Sanders supporters propose march on Washington”

  1. Question: Is this the same as the million students march on Washington November 12. I think we should combine the marches so that it is gigantic. The student march is appropriate for parents, grandparents, non-traditionally aged students, those who can’t afford higher education and those in current debt due to student loans, etc. I agree with the person’s comment that I can read below mine as I type this. Randy states he would gladly fly from Oregon to Washington DC. I would like to see the numbers be as high as possible so we need to select a date that is already proposed by Bernie for meeting in Washington DC and he suggests November 12 if I am correct. Thanks.

  2. I am planning on going. It will also show the dumb jackasses in Washington that yes Bernie does have a GREAT chance to be elected president.

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