Sanders calls for evacuation of refugees from Afghanistan

Photo via Lorie Shaull/Flickr

Following the Taliban’s capture of the Afghan capital of Kabul, Senator Bernie Sanders has called on the United States to rescue allies and refugees.

In a tweet, the independent senator said Afghanistan was left with a “corrupt government and an ineffectual military” following 20 years of the United States being present in the country.

“At this moment, we must do everything we can to evacuate our allies and open our doors to refugees,” Sanders said.

Sanders’ progressive allies in congress backed his calls, taking to Twitter to demand the United States take in refugees fleeing Afghanistan.

“If we don’t start putting everyday people first, no matter what country they’re born in, this will keep happening,” wrote congresswoman Rashida Tlaib. “Let’s start by opening our country to shelter refugees fleeing the consequences of our actions.”

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said the United States has a moral obligation to the Afghan people.

“For all those who lost, sacrificed, suffered, and served in the last 20 years of war and occupation, the United States has a singular responsibility in extending safe refuge to the Afghan people,” she said on Monday.

In an address to the nation on Monday, President Joe Biden said he stands “squarely behind” his decision to withdraw from Afghanistan.

Biden warned Taliban leaders that they would face force if they impeded the United States’ evacuation from Kabul.

“As we carry out the departure, we made it clear to the Taliban, if they attack our personnel or disrupt our operation, the US presence will be swift and the response will be swift and forceful,” Biden said.

“Our current military mission will be short in time, limited in scope, and focused in its objectives: Get our people and our allies [out] as safely, as quickly, as possible, and once we have completed this mission, we’ll conclude our military withdrawal.”

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