Sanders says there is a “slim chance” of another presidential run

Photo by Bryan Giardinelli/Bernie 2020 Campaign Photographer

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has left the door open for another shot at the presidency, saying there is a “very slim” chance he would run again.

In a livestreamed Washington Post interview with Robert Costa on Monday, Sanders was asked whether he would run for president again.

“I think the likelihood is very, very slim at that,” Sanders told Costa.

“I think next time around you’re going to see another candidate carrying the progressive banner.”

Costa pressed Sanders, noting he wasn’t fully ruling out running for the presidency again, to which Sanders replied, “let’s not be a media person worried about what’s going to happen four years from now.”

Sanders said that while his campaign for president was suspended, “we certainly do not suspend the movement.”

“That grassroots movement must continue, it will continue, and we will transform this country.”

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