Sanders introduces bill to provide $2,000 payments during pandemic

Photo via Gage Skidmore/Flickr

Leading Democrats joined with Bernie Sanders on Friday to introduce the Monthly Economic Crisis Support Act, a program that would provide Americans with $2,000 each month during the coronavirus crisis.

The program would provide a monthly $2,000 check to every individual with an income below $120,000 throughout and for three months following the coronavirus pandemic.

Senators Kamala Harris and Ed Markey co-sponsored the legislation with Sanders.

“As a result of this horrific pandemic, tens of millions of Americans are living in economic desperation not knowing where their next meal or paycheck will come from,” Sanders said on Friday.

“The one-time $1,200 check that many Americans recently received is not nearly enough to pay the rent, put food on the table and make ends meet. During this unprecedented crisis, Congress has a responsibility to make sure that every working-class household in America receives a $2,000 emergency payment a month for each family member.”

“I am proud to be introducing legislation with Senators Harris and Markey to do exactly that. If we can bail out large corporations, we can make sure that everyone in this country has enough income to pay for the basic necessities of life.”

The legislation would also ensure that every US resident receives a payment, regardless of whether or not they have filed a recent tax return or have a social security number. Debt collectors would be unable to seize the payments.

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