Dark money group spends $868,000 attacking Sanders on Super Tuesday

Photo via Gage Skidmore/Flickr

In a filing with the FEC on Tuesday, the Big Tent Project revealed it had spent $868,000 on digital ads opposing Bernie Sanders in Super Tuesday states.

The nonprofit organization is not legally required to disclose its donors the same way campaigns and political action committees are.

One of the advertisements, targeting voters in Massachusetts warned, “socialist Bernie Sanders is promising the world.” The group also ran Spanish language ads on Facebook, alleging that Sanders would introduce a large tax hike on the middle class.

The tag line on many of the Facebook ads seen by the Bernie Post is “say no to Bernie Sanders.”

At a press conference on Monday, Sanders asked who was funding the ads, guessing it was pharmaceutical companies and the fossil fuel industry.

Politico reported that the group has spent nearly $5 million in the last week and a half, with all of its spending on Sanders attack ads in Nevada, South Carolina and Super Tuesday states.

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