Bernie Sanders projected to win Colorado

Photo by Bryan Giardinelli/Bernie 2020 Campaign Photographer

Not long after polls closed on Tuesday night, Bernie Sanders was declared the winner of the Democratic primary in Colorado.

While no precincts are yet reporting results, Sanders’ lead in exit polling was strong enough to project him as the winner in the state. AP and NPR both called the state for Sanders not long after 9pm Eastern.

According to exit polls, 41 percent said income inequality was the issue that mattered most in deciding which candidate to support. Overall, 49 percent said they support a government health plan for all instead of private insurance.

Recent polls of likely primary voters in Colorado showed Sanders with an average lead of 13 points in the state. The state will award 67 pledged delegates, 23 based on the statewide vote and 44 from the results in congressional districts.

Sanders defeated Hillary Clinton in the Colorado Democratic caucuses in 2016, winning 59 percent of the vote.

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