Sanders leads with black voters nationally for the first time

Photo via Bernie 2020

A post-Nevada Morning Consult poll shows Bernie Sanders leading among black voters for the first time, ahead of Saturday’s South Carolina primary.

Overall in the poll, Sanders climbed to 32 percent, giving the Vermont Senator a 13 point over the field. Michael Bloomberg placed second in the poll with 19 percent support, followed by Joe Biden on 18 percent. Pete Buttigieg and Elizabeth Warren tied for fourth place, each with 11 percent, while all other candidates polled in the single digits.

For the first time, Sanders leads among white, black and Hispanic voters.

Among black voters, Sanders holds a five point advantage, with 30 percent support. Tied for second are Biden and Bloomberg at 25 percent.

Sanders holds a commanding 29 point lead among Hispanic voters, with 45 percent support. Bloomberg and Warren follow with 16 percent 14 percent support respectively.

The Vermont Senator also holds a strong lead with white voters, winning 29 percent support. Bloomberg, Biden, Warren and Buttigieg were all distant runners up in the poll, ranging from 17 percent to 12 percent support.

The survey of 2,631 Democratic primary voters was conducted on Sunday 23 February, the day after the Nevada caucuses.

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