Wasserman Schultz dodges debates again

The former DNC chair is doing all she can to avoid debating her Sanders-backed primary challenger, law professor Tim Canova.

After months of ignoring requests from Canova’s campaign for a series of six debates on important issues, Wasserman Schultz has finally agreed to debate her opponent, but there’s a catch.

The congresswoman only wants to debate Canova for fifteen minutes on Sunday morning, which was met with overwhelming criticism from her challenger’s campaign.

“The voters of my district deserve better than a mere 15 minutes of discussion on the issues,” Canova said. “Does Debbie Wasserman Schultz even believe in democracy?”

On Twitter, Canova said he has been waiting to debate Wasserman Schultz since April.

Wasserman Schultz’s campaign has made no further comment since announcing it had agreed to participate in Sunday’s debate. It is still unclear whether Canova will participate in the fifteen-minute segment.

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