Sanders pushes to unseat Wasserman Schultz

Photo via Gage Skidmore

Bernie Sanders is making a major push against former DNC chair Debbie Wassrman Schultz just weeks ahead of her primary contest.

The Vermont Senator is backing Tim Canova, who supported Sanders during the presidential primary. Canova is running on a progressive platform; opposing the TPP agreement, fighting for campaign finance reform and supporting an increase to the minimum wage to $15 an hour.

In an email sent Tuesday afternoon, Sanders called on his supporters to make a contribution to Canova’s campaign, ahead of the August 30 primary in Florida’s 23rd congressional district.

“I believe Tim Canova is the candidate whose policies will move both the Democratic Party and our country forward,” Sanders wrote in the email.

“This is one of highest profile congressional races in the country. Electing Tim will send a strong message, coast to coast, that it is just too late for status quo politics and status quo economics.”

Wasserman Schultz has so far avoiding debating Canova, though she now says she will participate in a debate before the primary. The congresswoman came under fire during the Democratic primary over the number of debates that were scheduled.

Canova’s campaign has filed a complaint with the Federal Electoral Commission, accusing Wasserman Schultz of using her former position at the DNC to “improperly benefit her congressional campaign.”

Polls show the race in Florida’s 23rd CD tightening, with Wasserman Schultz’s lead narrowing to single digits, with still 16 percent of voters undecided. Canova needs to win half of the remaining undecided voters to defeat Wasserman Schultz.

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