Sanders-backed Pramila Jayapal wins Democratic primary

Pramila Jayapal represents Washington’s 37th Legislative District in the state House, but she could soon to be heading to Washington after winning the Democratic primary for Washington’s 7th District.

Jayapal was endorsed by Senator Bernie Sanders last month, emailing millions of his supporters calling on them to support Jayapal’s federal congressional bid.

In a matter of days, Sanders raised close to $200,000 for Jayapal’s campaign from more than 20,000 donors. The average contribution was just $9.

Early results on the Washington Secretary of State’s website indicate Jayapal is clearly ahead of her opponents in the Democratic primary, which was held on Tuesday. She has attracted close to 40 percent of the vote, while her nearest rival¬†Joe McDermott took just 22 percent.

Washington’s 7th Congressional District is strongly Democratic, making it almost certain Pramila Jayapal is on her way to the United States House.

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