Next phase of Sanders’ revolution starts Wednesday

Bernie Sanders will officially launch the next phase of his political revolution on Wednesday night, in a nationwide event.

More than 2,600 individual events will be held simultaneously in each state tomorrow night as Bernie Sanders launches Our Revolution, his new organization. Our Revolution will support progressive candidates up and down the ballot, and will push Sanders’ agenda.

“At this meeting, Bernie Sanders and others from Our Revolution will lay out some of the next steps we can take as a movement to empower a wave of progressive candidates this November and win the major upcoming fights for the values we share,” Our Revolution president Jeff Weaver wrote to supporters in an email.

“We’ll also talk about how you can be a key movement builder in your community for Our Revolution.”

The official launch will take place on Wednesday, August 24. Sanders will speak via livestream at 9pm ET. Supporters who are yet to find an event near them can find them here.

Sanders to launch new organization next week

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