Bernie Sanders wins Wisconsin primary

Bernie Sanders has won Wisconsin’s Democratic presidential primary, defeating opponent Hillary Clinton.

Fox News and NBC have projected that Bernie Sanders will win the Wisconsin primary. At the time of writing, Bernie Sanders is currently leading Hillary Clinton in the realtime vote count.

Sanders will take home a majority of Wisconsin’s 86 delegates to the National Convention, allowing him to further close Clinton’s pledged delegate lead.

Wisconsin’s was an open primary, meaning that any voter, regardless of party affiliation, was able to participate in the primary process. The open primary system tends to favor Sanders, as he attracts the support of independents.

The win adds to his momentum going into the upcoming New York primary, one Clinton has been confident of winning for some time. However, polls show that race to be narrowing, with Sanders trailing by just 12 points.

Bernie Sanders has now won seven out of the last eight primaries and caucuses, proving he is a force to be reckoned with in the second half of the Democratic primary process. His campaign argues that these victories proves he has the momentum to win the nomination, as larger states, including New York and California are still to vote.

The next Democratic caucus will take place in Wyoming on April 9, when 14 pledged delegates will be up for grabs. New York’s primary will be held on April 19.

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