Sanders close to smashing fundraising record

Bernie Sanders looks set to surpass last month’s whopping fundraising haul of almost $45 million, powered by small donors.

In a statement, Sanders’ press secretary Michael Briggs said that the campaign is aiming to beat last month’s fundraising record of $43.5 million.

Bernie Sanders has now received more than 6.2 million individual contributions to his campaign, from more than 2 million donors across the United States since last year.

The average contribution to his campaign is just $27.

“Our campaign is building the momentum we need to win the nomination and beat the Republicans in November,” said Sanders’ campaign manager, Jeff Weaver.

“More and more people are joining Bernie’s political revolution every day and we’re hopeful our supporters will help us reach another big goal for the month of March.”

Sanders’ campaign has released a live fundraising tally for supporters to track this month’s target. At just after 6am on Thursday morning, the tally stood at $39.6 million from more than 1.5 million contributions.

Sanders supporters who would like to help Sanders’ campaign reach the March fundraising target can do so by contributing to his campaign through ActBlue.

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