Sanders receives endorsement of major magazine

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has scored the endorsement of the Nation, a 150-year-old magazine described as a ‘flagship of the left.’

For just the third time in its history, liberal magazine the Nation endorsed Bernie Sanders for president in an editorial published Thursday morning.

“Voters can trust Sanders because he doesn’t owe his political career to the financial overlords of the status quo. Freed from these chains of special interest, he can take the bold measures that the country needs,” the editorial read.

Bernie Sanders and his supporters are bending the arc of history toward justice. Theirs is an insurgency, a possibility, and a dream that we proudly endorse.”

The Nation has only ever endorsed three candidates in its 150-year history; Jesse Jackson, Barack Obama and now Bernie Sanders.

The magazine’s endorsement, which has been in the works since last year will be part of a cover story to be published on February 8.

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