Clinton accuses Sanders of going negative

Before an interview on Thursday, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton accused her opponent Bernie Sanders of going negative with a so-called ‘attack ad.’

Hillary Clinton sat down with MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow on Thursday, where she accused Sanders of being the first one to go negative.

“Honestly, it is not much of an attack,” Maddow noted when pressing Clinton on the issue.

“Basically, it is also a very direct criticism of President Obama, who took a lot of money from the financial industry,” Clinton told Rachel Maddow.

“You are saying he is the first candidate to go negative, you’re calling that an attack ad. Recently your campaign has said he can’t level with the American people, he has not done what he has promised, he is shifting answers,” Rachel Maddow said to Clinton, pressing the former Secretary of State on her allegations.

The TV ad they are discussing is called Two Visions and was released by Sanders’ campaign earlier in the week. It focuses on Sanders’ plans to reform Wall Street, contrasting them with Secretary Clinton’s.

You can see the full interview at MSNBC.

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