Sanders raises $3 million in three days

Bernie Sanders
Photo via Bernie 2016

Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign has raised $3 million since Monday, in its push for 2 million individual campaign contributions.

“What our vision of a political revolution has already accomplished is to show that we can run a strong and we believe winning campaign without a super PAC, without contributions from millionaires and billionaires,” Sanders said.

In a press release, the campaign said that more than $3 million was raised since an online push was launched on Monday to top 2 million donations. Of that total, about $1.6 million has been raised since Wednesday alone.

The average donation to Sanders’ campaign this week has been about $20.

The campaign pointed out that just 261 contributors to Sanders’ campaign had donated the maximum amount of $2700, in contrast to Clinton’s campaign, which has 17,575 maxed out donors, accounting for 62 per cent of her money raised.

Sanders said he is proud of what his campaign has achieved.

“We are enormously proud that we have received more individual contributions at this point in the campaign than any candidate who is not an incumbent president. As the campaign continues to succeed, we expect those numbers to grow exponentially.”

A new television and online ad released by the campaign this week highlights its people-powered credentials.

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