The second Democratic debate is tomorrow

Democratic candidates will take to the stage on Saturday in Des Moines, Iowa, where they will square off over policy. 

Absent from the debate will be Jim Webb and Lincoln Chafee who dropped out of the race following the first Democratic debate hosted by CNN.

The debate will kick off at 9 PM ET and will be broadcasted on CBS and live streamed to their website. The debate is also being sponsored by KCCI and the Des Moines register.

Debate moderator John Dickerson said he plans to focus the debate primarily on the economy, especially wages and income inequality. He says the goal of the moderator is to illuminate the views of the candidates on the issues that matter most voters.

Many have been critical of the DNC for scheduling the debate on a Saturday night, a strange time, with audiences significantly lower than other nights of the week.

The third Democratic debate will be held in late December in New Hampshire and will be hosted by ABC News.

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