Sanders causes upset in new CBS polls

A series of CBS poll questions released today point to presidential candidate Bernie Sanders a favorite to handle the big issues.

On the question of income inequality and the economy, voters feel that Bernie Sanders is best positioned to manage those issues, a sign that his strong economic message is cutting through.

A CBS News Poll asked respondents which of the three Democratic candidates would do a better job handling the economy and jobs. 43 per cent said Sanders would, compared to Clinton’s 40 per cent and O’Malley’s 17 per cent.

Sanders stood out on income inequality, with 58 per cent of respondents saying he would do a better job handling that issue, compared with Clinton’s 31 per cent and O’Malley’s 11 per cent.

However, the independent senator from Vermont did not stand out as much on issues such as Islamic State, terrorism and “bringing change to Washington.” Clinton leads him on both of those issues. Domestic policy has been the primary focus of Sanders’ campaign.

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