America needs a new ‘New Deal’

Looking back in history, Franklin D. Roosevelt played an instrumental role in repairing, strengthening and protecting the middle class with the New Deal, and many believe it’s time for a new New Deal.

By implementing a federal jobs plan to rebuild infrastructure, (something Bernie Sanders is proposing) and passing the Banking Act of 1933, FDR pulled our country out of the Great Depression that was undoubtedly caused by overzealous capitalism.

Decisions like the repeal of Glass-Steagall and Citizens United are detrimental to our democracy and our public and only set precedent for fascism and oligarchy, allowing for a few billionaires to buy elections to ensure their own interests (read: money) and block legislative progress, specifically in advancements in green energy.

It is not sustainable for so much to be in the hands of so few, and so many have so little. Our infrastructure is falling apart, health care and prescription drug costs are out of control, and in order to get an education, one must either be born wealthy or take on crippling debt. We need to learn from the past to better our future.

Bernie Sanders’ proposals to invest in infrastructure, health care and education would create a virtuous circle, bringing us all up — not just a few.

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