It’s now or never for New York Bernie supporters

Supporters of Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders must register as a Democrat by Friday to vote in the New York primary.

It’s too bad if you’re a Republican, independent or a member of another party in New York, and want to vote in the Democratic primary. You need to change your voter registration to Democrat by Friday if you want to vote for Bernie.

The only way to register as a Democrat by Friday is to visit your local Board of Elections office. You can view a map of them here.

If you want to vote for Bernie Sanders in the primary next year, and are not registered as a Democrat, this is your last chance. Don’t leave it to the weekend. It will be too late.

If you’re unsure about your voter registration status or party affiliation, you can verify it by visiting this website.

Make sure you and your fellow Bernie supporters are all registered by Friday to avoid disappointment!


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