Sanders raises $1.2m after attack from Clinton PAC

Bernie Sanders
Photo via Bernie 2016

Bernie Sander’s presidential campaign turned the attempted attack from pro-Clinton Super PAC into $1.2 million, reports the Huffington Post.

Earlier this week, pro-Clinton super PAC, “Correct the Record” sent out an e-mail to reporters in attempts to slander him based off of controversial comments of Jeremy Corbyn (UK Labour Party leader) about the late Hugo Chavez, and him negotiating a [bipartisan] deal with a Venezuealan oil company in 2006 to provide low income Vermonters discounted fuel. Needless to say it was a far reach.

What Bernie Sanders did in that moment was turn to his supporters saying “Yesterday, one of Hillary Clinton’s most prominent Super PACs attacked our campaign pretty viciously,” the email read. “It was the kind of onslaught I expected to see from the Koch Brothers or Sheldon Adelson, and it’s the second time a billionaire Super PAC has tried to stop the momentum of the political revolution we’re building together.”

Sanders also called for a contribution from supporters, ending with “They should not underestimate us”. And boy was he right! Within 48 hours, the campaign raised just over 1.2 million dollars.

“We’ve never seen an immediate donor response like what the Sanders campaign received on Tuesday. At one point, it drove 180 contributions through our platform per minute,” said Erin Hill, executive director of ActBlue. “Over its 11-year history ActBlue has sent money to over eleven-thousand campaigns and committees — and the Bernie Sanders campaign holds the record for the two biggest donor days ever for a campaign on our platform.”

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