How to ensure you can vote for Bernie in the primaries

The primary election may not be until next year, but you need to be prepared to ensure you are able to vote for Bernie in your state’s primary.

First off, New York – you need to register as a Democrat right now if you want to vote for Bernie in the primary. You’ve only got until October 9 to update your party affiliation if you are not already a Democrat.

For other states, there isn’t such a sense of urgency. Different states have different rules about who can vote in a primary. It might be an open, closed or semi-closed primary, or even a caucus, like in Iowa.

You can find out what you need to do to be able to vote for Bernie in your state’s primary at It will tell you how to register, when you need to register by, and when your state’s primary will be held.

if you’re in Iowa, make sure you pledge to caucus for Bernie by visiting this link.

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