Daniel Craig comes out in support of Bernie Sanders

The James Bond actor made a donation to a shady Sanders pro-Sanders super PAC.

Craig made a contribution of roughly $50,000 to Americans Socially United, a PAC which claims to be supporting Senator Bernie Sanders’ presidential bid.

The discovery was made by the Center for Public Integrity, which released its findings in a report on Wednesday.

Bernie Sanders is a strong opponent to super PACs and his campaign counsel sent a letter to Cary Lee Peterson, the leader of the PAC, asking for it to remove all suggestions that it was somehow connected to the Bernie 2016 campaign. Peterson changed the name of the PAC from Ready for Bernie 2016.

The Sanders campaign has demanded that Peterson and his operation, but there’s nothing it can do to stop supporters launching these sorts of groups.

The Americans Socially United PAC has failed to file mandatory finance reports, in clear breach of FEC regulations. It is also using the name of Senator Sanders in its operations, which is also prohibited.

Craig’s publicist said in a statement to the Center for Public Integrity that he made the donation to Americans Socially United in good faith to support Sanders’ candidacy.

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