Why Bernie Sanders has the Koch brothers worried

Bernie Sanders
Photo via Bernie 2016

The Koch Brothers will spend close to $1 billion to elect Republicans this election cycle, and Bernie Sanders has them worried about their prospects.

It’s very extremely clear where the Kochs stand. They want tax breaks for the super rich, and the¬†cutting government spending. The Kochs want to repeal what the call the ‘fraudulent’ social security system that protects vulnerable Americans. They oppose any program that provides aid to the poor, or those in need.

It’s pretty clear to see why the Kochs are no fan of Sanders. But they’ve got more than $1 billion to spend this election cycle, so why are they worried about Sanders, who has only raised $15 million, as at the last report?

Sanders is building a grassroots movement, made up of hundreds of thousands across the United States. While the Kochs have the money, we have the people, and when we stand together there’s nothing we cannot accomplish. And that’s what the Kochs understand.

The Senator from Vermont is building an unprecedented movement of people, old and young, black and white, gay and straight, standing together to expand the middle class and create a fairer, more equal society.

Volunteers are mobilizing across America, while Sanders continues to rise in the polls. Hundreds of thousands are showing up in support of Sanders, including 70,000 last weekend on the West Coast.

It’s no wonder the Koch brothers are freaking out.

Bernie Sanders

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