Some of the reasons we love Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders
Photo via Bernie 2016

Bernie Sanders has gone from being an independent Senator from the small state of Vermont to a Democratic presidential candidate, and a household name.

What’s not to love about Bernie Sanders? He is straight up, honest and consistent. He’s been saying the same things his whole career, and he’s someone that we can trust to be president.

Here are just some of the countless reasons we love Bernie Sanders.

He’s building a political revolution

Admittedly, Bernie tells us what no other candidate will tell us. Nobody, no matter how good they are can solve America’s problems by themselves as president. It’s going to take a political revolution of millions of people across America to make real change. Bernie knows it, and we know it too.

He’s acknowledging problems other candidate’s won’t

A few months ago, there’s no way you would have thought any of the candidates would be addressing problems such as money in politics, and the disastrous Citizens United decision. Bernie was the first candidate to speak to the Black Lives Matter movement, and to say their names. Weeks later, Hillary was singing Bernie’s song.

He’s saying today what he said decades ago

Sanders first entered Congress in 1991 as the Representative of Vermont’s at-large district. On entering Congress, Sanders formed the Congressional Progressive Caucus, fighting for economic justice, civil rights and civil liberties, environmental protection and global peace and security. Much of what he said decades ago is the same as what he’s saying today.

He won’t take money from big corporations

Bernie Sanders is not for sale, and he will not take money from big corporations, and he does not want a Super PAC, unlike his opponent, Hillary Clinton. Sanders also believes that the Citizens United decision made by the Supreme Court needs to be overturned by means of a constitutional amendment.

The internet loves him

Just today, Bernie Sanders surpassed Hillary Clinton in total Facebook page likes. He’s got a Reddit following of close to 100,000 supporters, and his videos are attracting millions of views on YouTube. There are online communities dedicated to his campaign, with volunteers across the country organizing to help elect him.

Sanders to rally supporters in Charleston

Bernie fires up supporters in Charleston