Sanders and Warren to rally in Boston on Friday

Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren will together headline a rally against President Trump’s agenda in Boston this friday.

Former Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders and Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren have emerged as strong opponents of Donald Trump, and progressive leaders within the Democratic Party.

Friday’s rally is sponsored by Our Revolution, the organisation formed by Sanders’ following his presidential campaign in 2016. Raise Up Massachusetts is also taking part in the event.

The rally caps off a busy day for Senator Sanders, who will be giving a speech at the Edward M. Kennedy Institute in Dorchester, and at MIT in Cambridge.

The rally will be held at the Orpheum Theater in Boston at 7:30pm on Friday, March 31.

Sanders calls for Senate hearings on Trump budget

Senator Bernie Sanders, ranking member of the Senate Budget Committee, has called on the panel’s chairman to schedule public hearings on Trump’s budget.

In a letter to Senate Budget Committee Chairman Mike Enzi, Sanders expressed serious concerns that the committee had not scheduled a single hearing on the president’s preliminary budget request.

“In my view, President Trump’s budget includes unacceptably painful cuts to programs that senior citizens, children, persons with disabilities and working people rely on to feed their families, heat their homes, put food on the table and educate their children,” Sanders wrote to Enzi.

Sanders also pointed out that Congress will need to complete the Fiscal Year 2018 budget resolution in less than three weeks, a deadline which he believes “couldn’t possibly” be met.

“It is incumbent upon us to start scheduling hearings on the budget as soon as possible,” Sanders wrote.

In recent days, Sanders has labelled Donald Trump’s budget “morally repugnant” and has hit out at budget director Mick Mulvaney’s claim that his budget was “compassionate.”

You can read Sanders’ full letter to Enzi here.

Sanders blasts Trump’s “morally repugnant” budget

In a scathing opinion piece published Monday, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders urged that President Donald Trump’s budget be defeated.

In the piece, Sanders slammed Trump budget director Mick Mulvaney for claiming that his budget was “compassionate” for slashing programs such as Meals on Wheels, while increasing defense spending by $54 billion.

“If Trump’s budget becomes law, the after school programs that provide both enrichment and a safe space for Mick Mulvaney’s hypothetical mother’s children while she is still at work would be ended,” Sanders wrote in response.

The Vermont Senator also took issue with Trump’s 31 percent cut to the Environmental Protection Agency, the 18 percent cut to the National Institutes of Health and $6.2 billion in cuts to affordable housing programs.

“Let’s be absolutely clear. When Mulvaney talks about spending taxpayer money ‘carefully,’ he really means abandoning programs that will help millions of working-class Americans so that the Pentagon can get an $84 billion increase in spending over the next year and a half,” the Senator wrote.

“This budget, and its absurd priorities, must be soundly defeated.”

You can read Sanders’ remarks in full here.

Sanders to introduce single-payer healthcare bill

The Vermont Senator told constituents in a town hall meeting in Vermont that he plans to introduce legislation for a single-payer healthcare system.

On Friday night, Senator Bernie Sanders told MSNBC’s Chris Hayes that the United States needed to move towards a ‘Medicare for all’ single-payer healthcare system.

“And I’ll be introducing legislation shortly to do that,” Senator Sanders told Hayes.

Affirming his commitment to a single-payer system, Sanders told a crowd of hundreds in Hardwick, Vermont that the defeat of the Republican “healthcare” bill was a victory, and he plans to soon introduce a ‘Medicare for all’ bill.

“No, we’re not going to give $300 million in tax breaks to the top 2 percent and then throw 24 million Americans off of health insurance. Ain’t gonna happen,” Sanders told the crowd, packed into a school gymnasium.

A May 2016 poll from Gallup showed that a clear majority of Americans was in favor of single-payer healthcare, including many Republicans.

Sanders polling sky high as Trump agenda stalls

A recent poll from Fox News reveals Bernie Sanders to be by far the most popular leader in America, while Trump’s approval ratings continue to dive.

The poll showed Sanders with a favorability rating at a massive 61 percent, with an unfavorability rating of just 32 percent.

Now one of the most unpopular presidents in United States history, Donald Trump’s favorable rating is at just 44 percent, while his unfavorable rating is sitting at 53 percent.

This new poll comes as Trump’s “health care” bill has been pulled for a lack of support in congress. However, it’s not just congress who thinks lowly of Trump’s new bill.

A new poll from Quinnipiac University shows 56 percent of voters disapprove of Trump’s “health care” legislation, while just 17 percent are in favor of it.

Following the demise of the “health care” bill in Congress, Senator Sanders responded by saying its defeat was a victory for the working families of America.

“What the defeat of this bill shows is that the American people will not accept legislation that provides huge tax breaks to billionaires while 24 million people are kicked off their health insurance, massive cuts are made to Medicaid and Planned Parenthood and premiums for senior citizens are dramatically increased.”