Bernie backer wins special Democratic primary

After losing the Democratic primary in Missouri’s 78th District, Bruce Franks has won in a landslide after challenging the validity of the first primary.

Franks won with more than 75 percent of the vote on Friday, a much greater margin than the 55 absentee votes he lost by in August.

State Representative Penny Hubbard won that contest, however Franks filed suit, with the courts ruling that the city’s board of elections mishandled at least 142 in-person absentee ballots.

Franks will almost certainly be on his was to Missouri’s state house, as the district leans heavily Democratic.

Our Revolution announces new endorsements

Bernie Sanders’ progressive organisation Our Revolution has announced its next round of candidate endorsements.

The organisation announced its support of nine candidates running for positions in local and state legislatures and congressional seats around the country.

Executive Director Shannon Jackson said the organisation was proud to be supporting these candidates, who “are fighting at the grassroots level to respond to the needs of working families.”

“We must continue to fight for economic, social, racial and environmental justice—and this diverse group of progressive candidates have proven their commitment to the future of our country and their own communities,” Jackson said in a statement.

In Iowa, Chris Schwartz is running for Black Hawk County Board of Supervisors. Sabrina Shrader is running to represent District 27 in West Virginia’s House of Delegates. Noel Frame is running for reelection after serving as State Representative for Washington’s 36th District.

Ismael Ahmed is running for Michigan State Board of Education. In Utah, Misty Snow is running for U.S. Senate against Republican incumbent Mike Lee. Troy Jackson is running to represent District 1 in the Maine State Senate. Jesse Arreguin is running for Mayor of the city of Berkeley, California.

In California, Eloise Reyes is running to represent the 47th State Assembly District. Chase Iron Eyes is running for U.S. Representative for North Dakota’s at-large district.

You can see the full list of endorsements on the Our Revolution website.

Zephyr Teachout releases epic first campaign ad

Sanders-backed congressional candidate Zephyr Teachout has released a clever television advertisement that’s bound to go viral.

The 30 second spot, which is set to set to go to air on cable systems across New York’s 19th District features a countdown clock, poking at the fact traditional campaign ads are short and non-substantive.

“You know how most political ads don’t say anything? Well, 30 seconds isn’t enough time — but also, a lot of politicians just don’t think you’re very smart,” the academic says in the advertisement.

Teachout encourages viewers to hear more about the details of her economic policies by visiting her website, where a series of videos on her various policy positions can be watched. They include issues such as equal pay, challenging the billionaire class and water.

Bernie Sanders endorsed Zephyr Teachout in April, calling on his supporters to contribute to her campaign.

“She understands better than anybody how special interests try to buy off politicians, and she’s dedicated her life to fixing our broken political system,” the former presidential candidate wrote at the time.

Teachout will be up against Republican candidate John Faso in November.