Bernie Sanders leads in Utah

The final poll before tomorrow’s Democratic caucuses in Utah show Bernie Sanders with an edge over Hillary Clinton.

A poll conducted by Deseret News/KSL puts Bernie Sanders in front of primary opponent Hillary Clinton by 8 points.

33 pledged delegates are at stake on Tuesday in Utah’s presidential caucuses. A large win will help Sanders make up his pledged delegate gap with Secretary Clinton.

In February, Clinton led Bernie Sanders by 7 points in the Beehive State, according to a Utah Policy survey.

Live results: Democratic primary and caucuses

Live results from the Democratic primary in Arizona, and the Utah and Idaho caucuses.

Bernie Sanders is the favorite to come out ahead in today’s primary and caucus contests. 131 delegates are at stake in the three contests.

Hillary Clinton currently has a pledged delegate lead of 319. Big wins for Bernie Sanders today will be critical in closing that gap with his primary opponent.

Sanders will be holding a rally tonight in San Diego, California, as he looks ahead to upcoming primaries, who experts and commentators say favor him.

Note: Candidates on state are ordered alphabetically until results begin to come in. This is why the names of candidates who have dropped out of the race, or lesser-known candidates sometimes display instead of either Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders.

Live Results

Utah Idaho Arizona

Sanders crushes Clinton in international primary

Bernie Sanders has dealt a crushing blow to Hillary Clinton, winning the Democrats Abroad primary by a more than two-to-one margin.

Sanders won the primary with 69 per cent of the vote, and will pick up 9 pledged delegates to send to the Democratic National Convention.

Clinton won just 31 per cent of the vote, and has won only 4 delegates.

Close to 35,000 people took part in the Democratic global presidential primary from over 170 countries. International secretary Julia Bryan said the turnout was unprecedented.

“This political revolution that is gaining momentum across America is now resonating all over the world,” Sanders said in a statement.

“There is a clear path to victory as we begin the second half of the delegate selection process. We are waging a strong campaign and plan to take it all the way to the Democratic National Convention this summer in Philadelphia.”

You can view the full results and breakdowns on the Democrats Abroad website.

Sanders to hold California rally

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders will travel to California next week, where he will hold a rally in San Diego.

On Tuesday, Bernie Sanders will hold a campaign rally in San Diego, where he will discuss a wide range of issues, including getting big money out of politics, his plan to make public colleges and universities tuition-free, combating climate change and ensuring universal health care.

Doors are set to open at 5pm on Tuesday, March 22, an entry is free and open to the public. The campaign recommends that attendees RSVP first on its website.

Sanders draws contrasts with Clinton fundraising

Bernie Sanders is highlighting the differences in the way he raises money compared to his primary opponent.

Sanders’ campaign manager Jeff Weaver sent an email to supporters Thursday evening, detailing Clinton’s upcoming fundraising schedule.

“Hillary Clinton is attending a fundraiser in Tennessee, a state that already voted, to collect checks from high-dollar donors who are bundling as much as $27,000,” he wrote, directly contrasting it with the Arizona town hall Sanders is hosting today.

Tomorrow? “Hillary Clinton is attending a fundraiser in Virginia, another state that already voted, to collect more checks from high-dollar donors,” Weaver wrote. Sanders will be visiting Idaho, Utah and Arizona, all states that vote or caucus next Tuesday.

“You are our advantage. You are the reason Bernie has done so well against the political establishment and its super PACs. And you are the way that Bernie can win,” Weaver concludes in the email.

Live results: Democratic primaries

Live results from today’s Super Tuesday Democratic primaries in Florida, Ohio, Illinois, North Carolina and Missouri.

There are a total of 691 delegates at stake in today’s primaries on the Democratic side.

The next states to hold primaries after today are Arizona, Idaho and Utah on March 22, where 133 delegates will be at stake, a fraction of those up for grabs in today’s contests.

Note: Candidates on state are ordered alphabetically until results begin to come in. This is why the names of candidates who have dropped out of the race, or lesser-known candidates sometimes display instead of either Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders.

Live Results

Illinois Florida North Carolina Ohio Missouri

Help Bernie win tomorrow’s primaries

There’s an easy way for every Bernie supporter in the United States, and abroad to help get out the vote tomorrow.

Sign up to phonebank, and start making calls. It literally takes just a few minutes to get started, and within hours, you could have spoken to hundreds of voters to encourage them to get out and vote for Bernie tomorrow.

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Sanders leads in final Missouri poll

The final poll conducted in Missouri before tomorrow’s primary puts Bernie Sanders in front of Hillary Clinton.

The PPP poll of likely voters put Senator Sanders ahead by just one point. The poll has a margin of error of 3.4 per cent.

Missouri will hold an open primary on Tuesday, which allows all registered voters to vote in the Democratic primary, regardless of party registration. This is a format that has favored Sanders in states such as Michigan, which he won last week.

Sanders targets young voters with new ad

Bernie Sanders is targeting seventeen year old voters with a new web ad ahead of next week’s Tuesday primaries.

The web ad will target seventeen year old voters in North Carolina, Illinois and Ohio, all states where 17-year-olds may vote on Tuesday if they will turn 18 by Election Day in November.

It comes after Sanders challenged the Ohio Secretary State in federal court for suppressing young voters. An Ohio judge ruled last Friday that 17-year-olds could cast ballots in the presidential race.

Trump is instigating violence: Sanders

Bernie Sanders said on Sunday that Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump was instigating violence at political rallies.

At a campaign rally in Ohio, Senator Sanders slammed Donald Trump for instigating violence. “You don’t go around saying that it’s ok to beat somebody up and I’ll pay the legal fees,” Sanders told the crowd.

“A candidate for president of the United States should condemn violence not encourage violence. That is not what this country is about.”