CNN to host Iowa town hall on Monday

Democratic presidential candidates will participate in a CNN town hall live in Des Moines, Iowa on Monday night, just days before caucus night.

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo will host Bernie Sanders, Martin O’Malley and Hillary Clinton on Monday, as they make their final pitch to Iowan caucus-goers.

Monday night’s town hall kicks off at 9pm ET, and will be broadcast live on CNN around the United States, and the world on CNN International. The town hall can also be live streamed online, or via mobile.

Each candidate will get thirty minutes of time to answer questions from moderator Chris Cuomo, and the audience. Sanders will speak first, followed by O’Malley and Clinton.

The town hall will take place just one week before Iowans go to caucus, with polls showing Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders in a virtual tie.

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  1. if there is morwe than 1 question, Hillary should not always get to go last. even iof there is just 1 question, Bernie and Maertin should be allowed to and allotted time to rebut what she had to say, sionce she will get to hear what each of them had to say, gauge the reactions to what they said, and tailor what she has to say accordingly.

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