Sanders releases astonishing new TV ad

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has released an astonishing new television advertisement to hit the airwaves on Friday.

The ad, dubbed America shows images of everyday Americans and swelling crowds at Bernie Sanders events across the country.

It features Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel’s classic folk rock anthem America, released in 1968.

Sanders’ campaign said that more than 40,000 Iowans had gone to see Sanders speak since his campaign began last spring.

The advertisement will go to air on Friday in Iowa and New Hampshire, according to a statement from Sanders’ campaign.

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  1. This brought tears to my eyes…I am one of the people looking for America. I believe
    Bernie Sanders knows where it is, and how to get there.

    1. Me too–still teary. Such a refreshing change from what we typically hear from the candidates. Not to turn a pleasant moment and feeling into something less palatable, but you might be interested in this movement, “” I can’t post the link, because the forum might remove the post. But please look it up–I doubt it will get media coverage because they are calling out the media for promoting the current hate-filled political climate. I fear if there aren’t enough signatures he will only use that as further fuel to fan the flames.

  2. I love Bernie, but this ad has problems. Is it designed for Iowa and New Hampshire only? Almost all of the people are white and rural. Doesn’t look like where I live (S.F. Bay Area) or much of the rest of the country.

      1. A lot of candidates say a lot of things that don’t match their actions. If Sanders is a candidate for all people, then I sure don’t want to see ads that feature only down-to-earth white people. Sanders’s actions and ads have to demonstrate his commitment to all people; these sentimental photos of the U.S. and its citizens hit the “pathos” needed… for white voters. There really are very few places in the U.S. that are utterly white. In the county where I live, purely white people (not including white-ish Latinos) constitute only 33% of the population.

        1. “There really are very few places in the U.S. that are utterly white.”

          How could you possibly have come to that conclusion? Most of the US’ acreage is made up of 80+% white majority counties. Alaska probably puts the biggest dent in that statistic.

        2. His actions have spoken to all of that. He’s probably the only candidate in either party to have marched with Dr. King & been arrested while protesting for civil rights. He’s also the only candidate I know of who called a Muslim woman up to his podium & gave her a hug after she expressed concern for the hate speech that’s becoming so prevalent, & he probably has more compassion than most people.

          1. WHY WASN’T ANY of that shown!! They gave the Black vote to Hillary with this ‘small minded’ add! People don’t know any of that–they see ‘white’ and feel someone doesn’t support them. I hope they redo this and FAST!!

          2. I would agree with you, this ad has serious holes in its ability to be inclusive, perhaps it is geared to Iowa, but there is this thing called the internet and it is seen far and wide, I am watching it in California :)) re-due it quick.

          3. It was shown, its that the video was not staged. The real crowds from his rallies in Iowa were indeed very white, but this is in parts due to the fact blacks feel disempowered away from politics more than whites, for discrimination reasons that are general and not the responsibility of sanders alone. Its not due to Sanders contempt for blacks, he fighted for blacks all his life!
            And let’s not forget there are some blacks highlighted in this video doing an amazing job too! Like the amazing woman high fiving strangers!!

          4. I did not think she was black… India, or? but it doesn’t matter… and a few among thousands hardly qualifies– the add says, FOR AMERICA — I WANT Bernie to win! I come from the West Coast it is so diverse, I was just very disappointed, as I had been so hopeful when I saw the tag line,

            Sanders releases astonishing new TV ad
            HARDLY! I just look forward to seeing a much more inclusive one… as I know that is the type of person Bernie is.

          5. The “Black vote” is not Bernie’s or Hillary’s to give. It belongs to Black people. When Black people look at the real Bernie, they will find a lot to like. IT was the very first TV ad by the Bernie 2016 campaign. So relax a bit> Bernie wants to change the system to lift everyone and get the 1%ers who have had smooth sailing and a free for all to price gouge and race to the bottom since 1981 to start carrying some of the freight. HE has been saying and doing the same things his entire political career. WHen he was mayor of Burlington he was an expert at working with republicans because the local democrats gave him the shaft, like the DNC is doing today. HE is an honest man. a good man who cares and did not get rich on the people’s dime. NO other candidate can say that!

        3. well said, Patricia. I’ve been to Bernie rallies, but I am so disappointed by this ad. And I am a white, rural American. I can’t imagine how this would feel to a person of color.

          1. Kateg I am a person of color and my initial reaction when I saw the ad for the first time was I like it. I also like Simon & Garfunkel. They made some good music in their hay-day and I think they we’re socially conscious artists as well. In fact I shared the ad on FB when I initially saw it.

            I did notice that there weren’t a lot of non-white people in the ad and it featured a lot of rural scenes. Likewise I figured the ad was designed for Iowa voters so it reflects Iowa. While it would have been nice to sprinkle a bit more diversity throughout the ad I don’t think black or other non-white voters will either abandon or dismiss Bernie because of this ad.

            Most people throughout the country are not as tuned in as we political junkies and probably won’t be familiar with any of the ads until the primary voting comes to their state. Moreover I think voters of color (particularly those paying attention at this early stage) are politically savvy enough not to cast Bernie aside over this ad (the ad is in fact good). You would think he called someone the n-word the way people are acting like OMG Bernie has lost the black vote with this ad. It ain’t that deep IMO and I don’t believe black/non-white voters are that shallow. Bernie’s record speaks for itself. I don’t expect him to lose people of color over this ad.

            That said, I would suggest going forward that the campaign is sensitive to the appearance of inclusion in all their ads irrespective of what part of the country they are targeting. Everyone wants to see themselves in the ads and Bernie already has an uphill climb to peel off some of Hillary’s support among people of color. So it seems to me it just makes sense and is consistent with his message to make sure people can feel the inclusiveness in all of his ads.

        4. Patricia have you been checking pedigrees? You sound like Oliver Krangle. Here in Vermont, my family WAS the whole towns diversity for about ten years. seriously, my wife and daughter were the only non white people in the entire town out of 3600. Most of the rest of the state is like that as is most of NH and most of Iowa,.

          1. Bring him down here to Atlanta and he’ll be high fiving an entirely different demographic. The video happened to be made in a rural part of the country. move on.

        5. There are not only white people in the video. Watch it once more. And remember that Sanders marched with Martin Luther King, Jr. He’s the right stuff. Anyone can pay black people to be in a photo or video, he’s real.

        6. The ad which is being shown in Iowa and New Hampshire beginning this Friday is composed of video footage of rallies in those two states- hence barns, stacked bales, cattle and farmers and ranchers. It represents the the racial composition/ demographics of those two states. I grew up in the Midwest and it would be very strange to see people of color at a political rally in North Dakota. Bernie represents all Americans and I am confident his ads will realistically reflect the regions for which the ads are made. Let us leave the overreacting hyper-hysterical criticism to the Republicans who must be beside themselves over Huck’s new ad – Hello!

    1. I teared up, but at the same time agree that for a television ad, it doesn’t feature enough ethnicities; people that Bernie needs to connect to if we’re going to make it!

      1. At the same time hillary does that in a way that seems a bit staged that is not better. Black people are important to the campaign and in general, and they must be included intelligently

    2. I agree, he needs ads that even if they are meant for Iowa and NH should show every type of person in the US. The ad is called America after all. FEELTHEBERN

    3. One of the things that Bernie’s ad people need to realize is that today no ad is local. With social media all tv ads, even ones aimed at a particular local audience, will be shared nationwide.

          1. No other candidate is even listening to BLM. Give Bernie a chance. Before assuming he doesn’t care, be part of the voices trying to educate him. He’s already made considerable changes as he continues to learn.

          2. I’m wrong. I would educate marketing. Bernie approved it. His people on the other hand just shot him in the foot. Am I making sense now?

    4. Right there with you Eric! Funny, how its all in the platform than on an Ad. Not good enough. Live in Long Beach, Ca. and he does not have my vote. He promises things he’s not gonna get done. he’s gonna have to get through to the house, pass the senate, lawsuits, supreme court, and threw the political apparatus that is gonna take more than 8 years to get through. Sorry Senator Sanders, my vote is for Hillary.

      1. And hillary wont have those same obstacles? Besides, hillary wants none of the changes Bernie does. Her biggest donors and supporters are bankers, hedge fund managers, biotech giants, and defense contractors. At least Bernie will try to right the ship, so to speak, and he can’t do jack without a pushy, demanding populous all around him. You doubt Bernie because he has limitations, but you’re also assuming that he intends to do everything himself. So, you’re making decisions based on a totally false understanding of how this works. We are a big part of the change he’s trying to help set up.

        Anyone who’s serious about change needs to (1) vote for Bernie, and (2) be aware that Bernie’s just our necessary extension. He’s not our savior, he’s our conduit. No other candidate is gonna help us reach out to those other barriers. PS why are you on this site if you already dont plan to vote for bernie. None of your claims make sense. We’re literally watching you proudly shoot yourself in the foot.

        1. @ M. Frank…..maybe your right. ..but I’m not the one with the all white video. Pereception is everything. I’ll sit here, enjoying my feet rubbed and watch. ….BTW- Black lives matter & the Hispanic caucus took a look……not happy…ohhhhhhh

          1. How condescending. Watch the video again. It is most certainly 99% white. You want Bernie to win then you need to understand he needs to show he represents everyone. I know his policies do, but the point is this is easily criticism he can avoid.

          2. Can you name any other candidate who marched with Dr. King, or who was arrested for protesting for civil rights? Bernie did, & I bet none of the others were ever even within 500 miles of Dr. King…

      1. I did not notice anything. Maybe it is because you are looking for a race issue, that you find one. I never read stuff into stuff.

        1. Well that’s all fine and dandy (and I doubt Bernie would feel the same) but here is the thing – there are no people of colour in that ad. For Bernie to win he has to show his diverse crowd. Since the most important thing right now in terms of credibility is ensuring you represent the broadest amount of people, and it is crucial to reflect that publicly. It really doesn’t matter if you don’t care, but many other people will and that’s just a fact. Why not fend off criticisms of not being inclusive now. It makes the best sense strategically and it is the best vehicle to avoid criticism,.

    5. Of course it’s designed for Iowa and New Hampshire, those are the first two primaries and are coming up fast. Bernie is running a smart campaign and I’m sure there will be more ads that reflect other parts of the country, as primaries in other parts of the country approach. And look closer, there are definitely ethnic faces in the mix, in the footage of Bernies rallies . #Bernie2016

    6. I just the same comment “I am a Sanders supporter, and I believe you screwed up big time Torin!
      Bernie fought for Black America, he went to jail for their causes, yet,
      one ‘token’ back woman–OMG, you have got to be kidding! You just gave Hillary the BLACK VOTE! I am an white person and it was blatantly apparent
      to me!!!”

    7. Eric – you are correct – they know the “battle” is in NH and Iowa – this is where the TV ad wil run – they customized the look of the commercial for that area. If he were to air the spot in your area- they would probably switch out a lot of the video clips but keep the message the same..

    8. Relax Eric. Thius was the very first tv ad, shots at the beginning of it are from rallys early on which ewre in Vermont and New Hampshire and the crowds look JUST LIKE the people here. The bigger rallys at the end were all over the place and hap people from all over the world. If you want all white and uptight , look at GOP rallys! Join the revolution, help elect real progressives to congress and give the GOP and the Republican closet cases like Hillary their walking papers! Time for the status quo to change and change big.

    9. Try watching it again. I agree, the first time I saw it, I felt it had a Vermont lens of the country (which is fine, it still gets a good point across), but after watching it again, I did realize there is a lot of diversity. By the way, I live in Atlanta, so where I live doesn’t look like where you live, or where Sanders is from, but I could still feel the sentiment of this video.

  3. Promoting animal agriculture when he says he’s concerned about the impact of climate change makes me sick. I’ve been promoting Bernie from day one – WHY did he have to ruin what could have been a great ad like that? Because he’s just as clueless as the rest when it comes to the reality of the exploitation industry. .

    1. Well, Monica, as an American, I like eating cows. Sorry, not sorry. Also, as an American, I understand that there are people who DON’T like eating cows. I also understand that raising cows for me to eat has an impact on the environment. Furthermore, I understand that there are ways we can mitigate this impact for the betterment of all who reside on this planet AND still get along just fine, even with our occasionally opposing viewpoints. #Bernie2016

      1. Yea, we need forward thinking if we want to save this planet…If he’s as ignorant as people who like cow, then wrong man…again, for the job.

        1. “If he’s as ignorant as people who like cow”

          Did you just call everyone who enjoys eating beef ignorant? Wow. Superiority complex much?

          1. Here’s an idea for you Kenny, get the f*ck over yourself. You’re not that great for not eating meat. 😉

    2. I took it more as promoting small family farms over factory farms. I agree with you that there is still the environmental impact, but we are talking about Iowa here! Baby steps…

    3. He supports Organic farming, he supports people over corporations. I am not with him 100% on everything but if you think he is just like the rest because he has daily farmers in his ad then I have Sarah Palin’s bridge to sell you.

    4. You’re not going to win an election trying to ostracize the majority of people who actually enjoy animal byproducts and meat…Saying you can’t be concerned about climate change and eat meat is a ridiculous thing to say.

      1. You can call it ridiculous, but I can take 52 showers as an equivalent to your one hamburger, and we’d be even on water usage. I can drive a Hummer and still have less of a carbon footprint than any meat eater. So, yes, the logical conclusion IS that you can’t be an environmentalist if you eat animals. You might be “concerned,” but that’s pretty useless in the big picture.

        1. Besides that, you may “enjoy” eating them, but they certainly get no pleasure from your choices. Think of your victims, and not your palate, for a second.

    5. actually new research shows that proper grazing can sequester carbon. feedlots no, sustainable farming and grazing, yes. local family farms YES

    6. lol you want a majority of americans to vote for someone but you also want him to shit all over something that none of those people see as bad? Baby steps. Dont shoot yourself in the foot.

      1. No, I don’t, and I don’t expect anything else from him at this point. I’m just pointing out the dissonance in his lack of knowledge on climate change.

  4. This song was magical when it first came out and appropriately captures the love we have for our country and each other now. Go Bernie!

    1. He is NOT promoting animal industry. He is promoting himself as being a friend to America. For better or for worse the animal industry is a big part of Iowa and New Hampshire. No use pretending it is not. If it showed him talking to poor urban people it would not mean that he was promoting poverty.

  5. I’m a Canadian, I’m a Christian feminist, and I’m praying for your campaign. I’ve always voted with our democratic socialist NDP Party here, since I was old enough to vote (1978).

  6. Bernie, I hope you get this message. I have an idea for an tv spot. I think it would have a great effect. You could have a diverse look at America with some of your best clips of you mixed in from cspan when you are grilling bankers, Alan Greenspan, Ben B., etc. It would give you a look of standing up for the people, as you have all your life, but a lot of people that do not pay much attention to politics may never have seen the complete honesty that you approach the issues that you fight for. It would show the people the Smart, Tough, & Honest side of you many have never seen.

  7. I am 72 years old. My first presidential vote was for Lyndon Johnson, who billed himself as the “peace candidate” for ending the Viet Nam war. That did not happen. The quality of candidates I have voted for since has always had to be the “lesser of two evils.” This election may be my last vote. I want to vote for the first time for an honest person. That would be Senator Bernie Sanders.

    1. Just read an article this evening about Johnson & the war. Seems that Nixon got wind of the proposed peace talks, which Johnson had all but locked up, & sent someone to speak with the S. Vietnamese ambassador with the claim that the war was winnable. Thus, those talks never happened, & it resulted in Nixon beating Humphrey in ’68. If Nixon hadn’t done that, there would have been a peace agreement in ’67 or ’68 & the war would have been over then.

  8. I work as a licensed agent selling Obama Care policies to Americans. The other day a gentleman called in to make his Premium payment of $1138.00. He, his wife, and 1 child was on the policy. This is his monthly premium payment. It was a gold plus plan, our companies best and most expensive. This is what he pays every month for his family to be covered. Later that day an elderly lady calls in and checks to see what her 2016 premium will be this year for herself and her husband. Fortunately for that family they qualify for tax credits and cost sharing so her and her husband’s premium will be $00.00 this year. The tax credit that couple receives fully covers their premium payment of $1100.00 a month. Also because of their income they also qualified for cost sharing as well. Cost sharing basically reduces your deductible and copays, in effect, you pay for a silver plan, but get the benefits of a gold plan. I’m a very happy to help low income people be able to get tax credits so that they have their very necessary insurance. On the other hand it makes me feel very bad that I also have to take payments of $1138.00 a month from a family who needs there medical coverage just as much. While the first family pays $13656.00 a year for health coverage, the other family pays $00.00. Of course the tax payers kick in $13200.00 a year, not to mention cost sharing for the other family. What was really something to me was the gentleman who was paying $1138.00 a month acted like that was a very good deal compared to plans that he had paid for prior to the Affordable Care Act. I don’t see how the government affords these tax credits every year. While it is great that these people are now getting coverage, and some say more affordable coverage than they did in the past, it is a very unequal, unfair system. Everything I have learned while helping people get insurance on the marketplace makes me think Bernie’s plan makes more sense. None of these companies, insurance, or pharmaceuticals, should be profiting from sickness, and disease. It makes sense to negotiate for more cost effective health care and lower prices for medication. Private companies should not dictate the price of life saving medications. It amazes me that they can cut their prices for other countries, but annually seem to raise their prices in their home country. Another thing, our politicians get insurance and damn good insurance at that. They don’t pay for it, the tax payers do. The next time a politician talks about a single payer system being state welfare, don’t forget politicians, the state pays for your insurance. I am learning though that most of the politicians are pretty much all hypocrites, Republican and Democrat. My family was always , and still is divided politically. I tend to lean to the left, but was terribly hurt by Clinton and NAFTA. As was the majority of my family because we all pretty much worked in manufacturing. Most of us lost our jobs and had to get much lower paying jobs that offer little or no benefits. I see Sanders( Elizabeth Warren too) as my last hope in there being any politician who actually cares more about the people than lining his pockets with special interests money. Truly though, I don’t see many of the rest of his greedy peers helping him to accomplish anything. I fear our government is over run with greedy, self serving men and women who are taking America down. What happens to America when there is no more middle class, the majority of the population poor and a small fraction of the population grossly wealthy? It can’t be good, but it seems that’s where we’re headed. Most people in the area I live in are struggling to make it. There are few jobs, and the ones that are available do not pay well. I could go on, and on about the problems facing the average citizen in this country, but I tell you one problem they should NOT have is choosing between health coverage and food. Everyone should have access to health coverage, especially in a country that is SUPPOSED to be as great as America. The so-called leaders of the most powerful country are failing it’s people miserably. Don’t these politicians know that the rest of the world sees how poorly they are doing and how unhappy their constituency is, in effect I believe this will make other countries think we have weak leaders. When the rest of the world starts viewing us as weak this will not allow us to remain a super power. Politicians need to get a grip and realize destroying the middle class is pretty much suicide. Enough of that, go Bernie, I’m all for the single payer system. It seems like it would be more fair and in the long run make more sense financially than the current system. I hope you are elected and are able to get Washington to work with you for the people and change the way things are done in Washington.

  9. Campaigners, I know this ad is set to be released soon. Please consider changing it up before hand. Please. Make it more diverse. I want Bernie Sanders to win.

  10. Utter genius. Brilliant. The first political ad ever that I won’t fast forward through. Why would anyone in America not want this for our country? For the world?

  11. Regarding the ethnicity issue brought up here; Much of the footage is of actual rallies. Bernie Sanders is not manipulating the truth to appeal to votes. He is doing the work to reach out and I have no doubt that he will soon be able to shoot authentic footage of a more diverse support group as he builds one. The difference here is that he is honest about where he is now and his humanity will bring him the larger audience needed for a full win in November. I believe ethnic groups will continue to build their own Bernie videos as they reach out to their social groups and educate voters. It’s already happening!

  12. I am disappointed by the proportion of white people in the video. If that’s the proportion showing up at Bernie rallies, fine, but don’t overlay that with AMERICA.

  13. I loved this…but it was a pretty white group of folks in this commercial. I loved the commercial, but he’s going to need way more people of different ethnicities to vote for him than what he showed. America is way more diverse than this. Up your game, Bernie! We are counting on it!

  14. I would just like to point out that if Bernie is elected and tries to do any of the ideas he has offered, his fellow Jews; Wolfowitz, Perle, Feith, Scooter Libby, Elliott Abrams, Rabbi Dov Zakheim, Kissinger and the rich Jews they work for, will sabotage the US economy. Years before Obama was elected I said much the same thing, that Obama would be seen as being soft on Israel and Jews would sabotage the economy.. and I was right. If Bernie is serious, he needs to start dealing with this before he is elected… But what I saw… People calling Bush a Nazi when he had appointed lying Jew scunbag Elliott Abtams to the NSA… nakes me absolutely sure that this should be communicated.

    1. Gee, sounds to me like Trump is more your type of candidate. How is it that you see .1% of the US population having such a disproportionate influence on the economy? Oh, let me guess: You think that the Jews control the banks, the media & Hollywood. Yeah, right…

  15. Boy, I hope the Sander’s campaign got permission to use that music…always thought it was ridiculous when repub candidates would use a tune, only to have the writer issue a cease-and-desist order because they didn’t care for that candidate…

  16. “The Bernie Post is the only media outlet dedicated to covering Bernie Sanders’ presidential election campaign. Please consider making a donation so we are able to continue our efforts.”

    Bullshit on this. For example, I have Burlington’s alt-weekly paper linked on my blog.

    Nice try for money; you’ll get none from me.

  17. I live in Australia. Like many people around the world I’m watching Donald Trump’s campaign with increasing horror, and Bernie’s campaign with increasing hope. What happens in the US will influence countries around the world. What I see in the Bernie Sanders campaign is an inclusive, hopeful, forward thinking vision that seeks to bring out the best in the people and the country. What I see in Donald Trump is the mean spirited, backward thinking politics of hate. Wishing all the best to the campaign as you search and organise for a better America.

  18. We follow your news from here in South Africa, but we can’t see what is “astonishing” about this ad. Please explain.

  19. all of the images of “everyday Americans” in this ad are white and rural/suburban. It makes Bernie’s vision seem narrow and exclusive.

  20. I am a Sanders supporter, and I believe you screwed up big time Torin!
    Bernie fought for Black America, he went to jail for their causes, yet,
    one ‘token’ back woman–OMG, you have got to be kidding! You just gave
    HIary the BLACK VOTE! I am an white person and it was blatantly apparent
    to me!!!

  21. Other than the fact that it takes 25 seconds to see a person of color (a dumb unforced error considering that’s a perceived weak point,) this is a lovely spot. A breath of fresh air. His agency should do a quick edit and then run the hell out of it.

  22. This ad is long on nostalgia and that’s about it…I remember those days and it was a lot of smokin’…in the meantime, we got real problems and the smokers didn’t fix it then and won’t fix it now…beware of what your are being sold…

  23. I’ve read a lot of these comments. To insinuate that Bernie Sanders is a white man’s candidate is pure baloney. Stop listening to the powers that be and take some time to investigate his history. They would love you to believe that that he only cares about white people-his career belies that. Ask yourself where you heard that lie.

  24. Great ideas Bernie, same as in France with socialism where a good friend employed 100 people that could not get fired for ineptitude, inability to perform the tasks hired for, guess what he is out of business, 100 good paying jobs GONE,Americans thinking of voting for Bernie, AS one famous European put it, Socialism is great, until you run out of money to fund it, All my friends with small businesses imagine if you could not fire an employee for good reason without paying 18 MONTHS of their pay, educate yourselves before drinking the Koolaid folks, especially my small business owner friends

    1. Hi Bobby, this is a very all or none approach to Bernie. The underlying assumption seems to be that if he gets elected, we will be a socialist nation. We all know that there is no way that would happen. Even if Bernie is socialist, he would have to have a socialist house and senate for that transition to take place. That will never be the case. However, his ideas are humane ones. They bring us back to collective thinking and concern for all Americans and help us to recognize that we are a community. There will always be a place and needs to be a place for that kind of thought in government regardless of its structure. It provides the rest of the Dems and Repubs with the balance they need and keep humanity as an end game in perspective. There is none of that balance in government now. Bernie will bring that.

  25. Look across Europe with the same ideas as Bernie, Heh I am all for it , But who is going to pay for it? When Templeton sold his financial fund, was forced with a $500 MILLION dollar tax bill, what did he do? Gave up his American citizenship and bought an Island in the Bahamas. Do you really think the 1 % in this country that have absurd wealth are going to just kick in 90% of what they own? Right or wrong they will leave this country like so many American Corporations who have off shored millions of US jobs, There is another way and socialism isn’t it, Europe is in Shambles let’s all follow the same road to Ruin, or, Maybe start a revolt in this country to BUY American Goods, look at what you have on for clothes today, and tell me what was made in America? That’s the real problem folks

  26. I wish your humor was as refreshing as this advertisement for Bernie. I don’t really appreciate your humor. Get some new writers. I’m all the way for Bernie and this advertisement shows the true essence of who he represents.

  27. For all of you that actually support Bernie.
    Do yourself a favor and go spend a week in the state of Vermont.

    Bernie has ruined Vermont.

    1. Vermont is being labeled Top Heroine Aread in America. (Unfortunately my niece lives there).
    – free healthcare
    – no job opportunities
    – working class is leaving

    2. Vermont’s Taxes are unaffordable for the middle class. The working class is leaving Vermont and moving to New Hampshire.

    3. Vermont’s property taxes are incredibly high. Which has caused
    – working class to leave
    – working class to default on loans
    – an incredible amount of inventory and abandon houses.

    4. On the bright side
    – free health care which has led to incredible profits for the heroine/methadone clinics that are going up.
    – unemployment because drug addicts don’t usually work
    – crime is creeping up because addicts need to get money

    Before you listen to someone who doesn’t have a clue how to run a state, let alone a country. Do your homework…

    I’m independent, I have all sorts of views, many of them can be considered “socialist views”. However, Bernie and Socialism doesn’t work in a country our size, let alone the state that he has ruined over the past few years.

    Trust me, I unfortunately know this first hand.

    1. HI Justin, I, too, am well acquainted with VT. I think this is a very narrow view of what is going on here and, moreover, Bernie Sanders has had little to do with it. He is not in control of state government. He has nothing to do with it. He as been a US senator (championing US causes, not VT causes) for 24 years. He has no say in the governance of the state, unless it is directed by the federal government. Before that he was only mayor of a major city. Again, little to no influence on decisions of the state. The things you cite above have nothing to do with Bernie Sanders.

      There are many factors that are contributing to some of the issues you describe. Property Taxes: Part of the issue in VT is that a large percentage of the land is owned by the very wealthy with massive resort style homes. Our main industry being tourism. (Although, global warming is taking a significant toll on that). This drives up property values for surrounding areas and then increases taxes accordingly–unfortunately. Fortunately, one of the issues that Sen Sanders champions is the redistribution of wealth. His plan to increase taxes on the wealthy, should help with this sort of appropriation in resort states like VT.

      State taxes: VT does have high state taxes, but those taxes are used for the following: the state is beautiful and clean, well maintained, there are large national and state forests, state parks, our roads are immaculate (especially compared to NH), free health care, the public school system is strong (the state is consistently voted as one of the “best educated”), and we are striving for 90% renewable energy by 2020 (we are well on our way). The higher taxes help pay for these things. You get what you pay for.

      Comparison to NH on taxes: The comparison to NH is unfounded. While, NH has no state tax, it’s property taxes are twice as high as VT. The real estate issues are similar.

      Lack of jobs: Lack of jobs in VT, is largely a product of VT culture and priorities by state government and citizens. The state’s main industry is tourism for sking and our rural aesthetic. In order to preserve the rural feel, the state disallows large businesses like box stores and industry. This reduces the options for jobs and construction. The job situation is better in NH, but NH is also commutable to large cities in MA. The jobs are predominately at the lower end of the state. At the northern end, where the state is unspoiled, the situation is similar to VT.

      Drug problem: Vermont is a corridor state, from NY to Canada (as is NH, which also has a huge heroine problem). In both states, this leads to massive influxes of drugs not seen in other states. Drug abuse is a problem–but it is largely a by product of location and access (it is opportunistic). It is fortunate that there is a health care system in place to help deal with it. I won’t go into the nuances of the causal factors for addiction, treatment or recidivism rates, but needless to say it is complicated. The health care system in VT did not evolve to deal with the problem. It is helping us deal with pre-existing problem.

      Methadone clinics and comparison to NH: I am also unaware of any new industry of methadone clinics for profit in the state. There are 5 clinics in cities that are along the aforementioned corridor to Canada. There are 2 others are in the largest VT cities, which would be the next logical stop for drug distribution. In sum, there are 7 total clinics in VT. There are 8 EIGHT clinics in NH, which has no connection to Bernie whatsoever.

      Crime rate: I’m unaware of any increase in our crime rates. In fact, VT has one of the lowest crime rates in the country. VT is routinely being rated as one of the 10 best places to live in the country and one of the best places to raise a family. The population is also consistently rated as healthier and better educated: the public school system is very strong.

      The state is not without its issues, but the ones we have are certainly minuscule compared to many other states in the union, And, our problems are most certainly not a product of Bernie Sanders.

  28. It’s clear that the America he’s talking about is all White, with a token black girl and token brown girl. way to go Bernie.

  29. wow. everybody’s white, except a couple of brown women, in the whole darn thing….out of tens of thousands of faces. just wow. definitely no identifiable Muslims.

  30. Turn this ad into a series – you are right Eric Nee, these are pretty pictures but only show a small representation of the people who live in America. Note you naysayers, that the theme is “America”. I was surprised by the lack of diversity, it is the first thing I noticed about this ad.

  31. great ad however, they should show images of a Socialistic America should he become president. Waiting to see a doctor for 4-months, minimal care, empty grocery shelves, lack of medicine. Not roses under Socialism.

    1. Hi Rick, The underlying assumption here seems to be that if he gets elected, we will be a socialist nation. There is no way that would happen. There would have to be total agreement across all branches of government and citizens that we should throw out the current system and replace it. He would (at the very least) have to have a socialist house and senate for that transition to take place. That will never be the case. However, his ideas are humane ones–the right ones. They bring us back to collective thinking and concern for all Americans and help us to recognize that we are a community and we should help each other. There will always be a place and needs to be a place for that kind of thought in any government regardless of structure. This perspective provides the Dems and Repubs with the balance they need to keep humanity as their end game. There is no balance in government now. Bernie will bring that.

  32. I think this commercial provides a brilliant contrast to the factually strong campaign Bernie has engaged in. It feels as though Bernie’s campaign has found its emotional tone of voice. It’s true, honest, fair, inclusive. It’s what America should be.

  33. Showing the cattle ranchers or dairy farmers is pretty much a statement that
    Bernie doesn’t understand what’s causing global warming either… So far he’s not getting my vote.

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