How to watch tonight’s Democratic debate

Tonight’s Democratic debate in Charleston, South Carolina will be streamed online for free. Here’s how to watch it.

Youtube is a co-sponsor of tonight’s NBC Democratic debate, and it will be streamed live to the NBC News youtube channel, with coverage beginning at 8pm ET or 5pm PT. The debate is scheduled to begin at 9pm ET.

You will also be able to stream the debate live via the NBC News app on Android, iOS, Amazon Fire TV or Roku. It will also be available on the ABC News app for Apple TV.

The debate will also be live on NBC, for those with access to local NBC programming.

6 Replies to “How to watch tonight’s Democratic debate”

  1. Bernie is energetic, healthy and sharp throughout the arduous campaign trail 🙂 Perhaps this issue of health brings up a good point though. What comes to mind is the abundance of extremely old appointed judges that preside in the judiciary system. Uh huh. How are they all doing as far as being physically fit? LOL

  2. Looking forward to Pantsuits trying to bring down Bernie on gun control and healthcare tonight. He just released his healthcare plan. 😉

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