Sanders close to beating another Obama milestone

As the final FEC deadline for 2015 looms closer, Bernie Sanders is close to beating another fundraising milestone set by President Obama in 2008.

In an email to supporters sent Thursday evening, the campaign says that nearly one million individuals have donated so far, and they are aiming to reach that milestone before the final FEC filing deadline tonight.

In 2008, then-Senator Barack Obama didn’t reach the one million donor milestone until well after the Iowa caucuses, the email says.

“We are on the verge of another unprecedented achievement — one that would be impossible to ignore.”

If you are yet to contribute to Bernie 2016, help make history by making a donation of just $3.

15 Replies to “Sanders close to beating another Obama milestone”

    1. He absolutely will.

      Especially if that blowhard Trump gets the nomination… Bernie will trounce Trump in a heartbeat! 😉

        1. Trump won’t be the nominee because he’s Clinton’s patsy. Hillary won’t be the nominee because we outnumber you.

      1. lol better tell the american people who aren’t going to vote for a socialist anything any time soon. hillary is going to be president and bernie will endorse her and tell you to vote for her and that’s exactly what you’re going to do.

        1. People always vote for a socialist when they understand what it is. Nobody looks out the window and says, “Here comes the snow plow. Who do these socialists think they are?.. Plowing roads I can’t afford or own.. ‘Merika”

    1. That’s funny, an hour or so I gave $20, but yesterday I gave $10, I am of limited means at this time, but I give, and feel good about it. We can do this, he can’t alone, get ready, the fight has just begun.

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