Clinton campaign: Sanders on track to outraise us

Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook sent an email to Clinton’s supporters, appealing for donations after Sanders’ recent fundraising success.

“Bernie Sanders’ campaign is on track to outraise us this month,” Mook writes in the email.

“They say they’ve brought in more individual contributions than any candidate has ever had at this point in a primary.”

The email warns that Clinton has ‘more support’ but Sanders’ supporters are chipping into his campaign. It says that the Clinton campaign may not have the resources it needs in Iowa and New Hampshire to compete.

The email also states that Clinton’s campaign needs to raise another $2 million by the end of the year.

Sanders’ campaign has raised millions of dollars over the past few weeks, and has now received upwards of 2 million individual campaign contributions, beating a record set by President Obama.

3 Replies to “Clinton campaign: Sanders on track to outraise us”

  1. Go Bernie! We donate to him because he isn’t bought and paid for by big donor money. Hillary needs to dump her rich donors if she really wants to compete with Bernie. We are at war with the 1% – we want our country back. WE must demand that big money and super pacs get OUR of our politics. WE can’t afford politicians bought by the greedy 1%. Enough is Enough. #feelthebern

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