My weekend of Berning

Sanders supporter ‎Susan Fusco‎ shares her story, meeting fellow supporters, and even the man himself.

I went to the annual performance of the nutcracker at the Boston ballet with my six-year-old date, so the weekend began wonderfully. Little did I know, I would be encountering Bernie Sanders supporters in the upcoming days.

My first encounter was a random stop at a bath goods store in Danvers, MA. During my search for a particular item, I asked where I could locate it. A strapping and thoughtful young sales associate, his name is Trevor, said “I know where that is.” He walked away and soon reappeared with a lot tray displaying all varieties of the product. I thought to myself “Well, this is customer service”! I chose one, thanked him and went on my way.

After looking around the store for a while I bumped into him again and asked where another item was. While we were talking he said to me, “I love your button” (I was of course wearing my Bernie 2016 pin.) It made my day. We chatted for a little while and he mentioned how he and all of his friends are registered to vote and will be voting for Bernie Sanders. It was reassuring and uplifting. I ended up handing him the pin. He reluctantly took it saying “Really, are you sure?” “Absolutely” I happily replied, indicating it was my pleasure and responsibility to spread Bernie’s message wherever I go.

Later that same evening, I was in a Chinese restaurant in Beverly, MA. After dinner, when the server brought the check, I asked if he was registered to vote and knew about Bernie Sanders. He had not heard of him. So we talked for a little while. He was impressed, of course. While we were talking, there were two young college aged women sitting in a booth nearby. And one of them piped up with “I’m from Vermont and I know Bernie Sanders, he’s awesome and he’s my parents neighbor!” I was speechless for a bit (a rare occurrence) then we chatted.

All in all it was a great day for Bernie!

The following day I had some appointments. I thought, since something was Berning on Sunday, maybe I’d promote Bernie on Monday too.
So sporting a Bernie 2016 T shirt, carrying a Feel the Bern travel mug and donning my Feel the Bern cap, off I go. Upon walking into the waiting area for my final appointment, someone declared “Nice shirt!” I spoke with a charming lady who was more into Bernie and I am (my friends think I am crazy over Bernie).

During our conversation she said “I hope I get out of here soon I’m going to see Bernie at 3:30. He’ll be at the campaign office in Salem NH.” I said “Maybe I’ll see you there.” My appointment was over, I checked the GPS, I could be in Salem in a half an hour, so on my way I went.

Turns out the lady I spoke with was instrumental in setting up his campaign office in Salem! She’s amazing, to say the least. After a time Bernie arrived. He spoke with the volunteers, he thanked them for their dedication and hard work and he was very encouraging. Photos were taken by all. Children presented Bernie with posters they made for him. I boldly asked him if he would sign my T-shirt and he did!

A true People’s President.

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