Sanders surges in early-voting states

New CBS/YouGov polls today show Sanders surging in three of the early-voting states, with less than two months to go until the Iowa caucuses.

In New Hampshire, Sanders has extended his lead over Clinton to a whopping 14 points. He leads her 56 to 42 per cent.

In Iowa, Sanders and Clinton are in a statistical tie. The poll put Clinton at 50 per cent and Sanders at 45 per cent. The poll has a margin of error of 5.3 per cent.

In South Carolina, Clinton’s dominance over Senator Sanders is shrinking. Today’s poll shows that her lead over Sanders has shrunk by 11 per cent just over the past month. Secretary Clinton is currently polling at 67 per cent in the Palmetto State, while Sanders polls at 31 per cent.

These new polls should be encouraging to the Sanders campaign. A win the first two voting states of Iowa and New Hampshire could trigger a domino effect, and set him up to win other states.

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  1. I always laugh when I read ‘online polls don’t mean anything.’ About a half-million organized, active supporters are evidently assumed to talk only to each other, and of course, they’re millennials who don’t vote. I’ve got a fast-growing Bernie-supporting friend following and the few millennials are vastly outnumbered by grandparents, like me.

    1. Please take note that many Millennials hold jobs that don’t allow them to vote, and often feel that none of the candidates represent their interests/voices. Bernie is changing that.

      In 2015, the combined Millennial and Gen Y voters (18-34) has surpassed the number of Baby Boomers – this doesn’t include the numbers that will be added in 2016, nor does it include the Gen X voters. In the 90’s youth voting was under 40%. The youth turnout has actually grown over the past three elections. Obama wouldn’t have won without it.

      We’re also a generation that tends to omit our age, race, sex, etc when filling out polling information. We’ve been plugged into social media and political news our entire lives. To say we won’t vote and that we’re outnumbered by grandparents is a naive and condescending perspective. Perhaps you should stop laughing at the generations you helped raise and start having faith in them.

      1. I don’t think that was the intention….I think we’re all on this bus to elect Bernie Sanders together. I think she was trying to say that the millennials are being talked about as if they are the only demographic voting for Bernie, when in reality, we are as well. (I’m 55). I hated to see my age group voting for HRC in one poll…but no one I know is voting for her. : )

        1. That’s fair, I just hate when I see the narrative of Millennials not voting and being outnumbered repeated, because frankly it’s not accurate and it serves as a deterrent to the younger generations. These opinions presented as facts make them feel like they have no power, which only deters them from voting. It’s also becoming personal now that those of us in our early 30’s (tech Gen Y…a term that’s virtually disappeared) are being lumped into the Millennial label. I LOVE that Baby Boomers are wanting to support Bernie. I just wish they would stop harping on the generation they created and encourage them instead.

    2. Online polls don’t mean anything …. except they got the Working Families Party, the CWA, and the DFA (you know, Howard Dean’s organization that was pledged to support Hillary Clinton and changed the rules to require a 2/3 majority of voting members endorse a candidate or else the leadership would do so — not thinking they’d ever be able to get such a supermajority and then wound up with more than 87% of its members voting to endorse Bernie).

      Combined, that’s about two million people who belong to these organizations — give or take — who now will be supporting Bernie Sanders, thanks to some online polls… ­čśë

  2. Wouldn’t that be something…disagree with him or not, the guy has a razor sharp mind and has never been tainted with any sort of ethical issues.

  3. To the grassroots movement: Remember if you want to become a Delegate for Bernie Sanders (in your own district of your own state, where you are registered appropriately to be able to become a Delegate for Bernie Sanders), upcoming January 1st, in some states, like MIssouri, will have paperwork available needed for this process; and many states, including Missouri, will be offering Delegate Workshops to guide us. Also we need to remind everyone, that in order to have a most successful political revolution, we MUST also vote in the Congressional (House & Senate) PRIMARIES, which occur usually in the summer. So there are a total of at least 3 elections we need to attend next year and promote this message widely. TY for that great article!

  4. Here is the single most IMPORTANT Bernie fact. 85%+ of all MILLENNIALS already support Bernie Sanders, but only 11% of this single largest demographic age group are registered to vote so far. This means that IT IS NOT NECESSARY TO CONVINCE MILLENNIALS to vote for Bernie!! It is Enough TO GET THEM REGISTERED AND TO THE POLLS!! In fact the ENTIRE SUCCESS OR FAILURE OF THE SANDERS CAMPAIGN HINGES ON WHETHER THIS IS DONE !!! So Come On Now All of You Solidly Progressive Millennials, This entire ailing Nation Has its Eyes on You!! Please Step Up and PUT BERNIE IN THE WHITE HOUSE !!!

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