Bernie celebrates New Year’s Eve in Iowa

Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders is celebrating New Year’s Eve in Iowa, telling supporters they have a chance to make 2016 a year to remember.

At the historic Renaissance Des Moines Savery Hotel in Iowa, Bernie Sanders was celebrating New Year’s Eve with his supporters.

“Together, we have an opportunity to make 2016 a year to remember,” Senator Sanders told crowds of thousands packed into two ballrooms a few hours before midnight.

“You here in Iowa have a chance to make 2016 a year that people in the future will look back on and say. ‘Thank you, Iowa, for leading the political revolution.’”

A spokesperson for the campaign said before 9pm that Sanders had already headed home to celebrate the new year with his family.

Iowa’s caucuses kick off in a month, where Democrats will begin the process of picking their presidential nominee.

Sanders close to beating another Obama milestone

As the final FEC deadline for 2015 looms closer, Bernie Sanders is close to beating another fundraising milestone set by President Obama in 2008.

In an email to supporters sent Thursday evening, the campaign says that nearly one million individuals have donated so far, and they are aiming to reach that milestone before the final FEC filing deadline tonight.

In 2008, then-Senator Barack Obama didn’t reach the one million donor milestone until well after the Iowa caucuses, the email says.

“We are on the verge of another unprecedented achievement — one that would be impossible to ignore.”

If you are yet to contribute to Bernie 2016, help make history by making a donation of just $3.

Sanders: Trump a pathalogical liar

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has hit out at Donald Trump, following untrue claims the billionaire made about Vermont’s independent senator.

“It appears that Donald Trump, a pathological liar, simply cannot control himself. He lies, lies and lies again. Today, he repeated his lie that I want to raise taxes to 90 percent. Totally untrue. And PolitiFact gave Trump’s same statement last October a ‘Pants-on-Fire’ rating,” Senator Sanders said in a statement.

Trump had made the false accusation in a speech in Hilton Head, South Carolina.

“What is true is that at a time of massive income and wealth inequality billionaires like Trump should pay their fair share of taxes. Unlike Trump, who wants to give huge tax breaks to his fellow billionaires and large multi-national corporations, what we need is real tax reform which asks the very wealthiest people in this country and large, profitable corporations to start paying their fair share of taxes.”

Sanders releases four new TV ads

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders will air four new television ads in the early-voting states, starting on Tuesday.

The new TV spots focuses on Sanders’ plans to end policies that leave American families working longer hours for lower wages.

The first ad, titled Working Families shows Sanders speaking about wages at one of his town meetings.

“What this campaign is about is to demand that we create an economy that works for all of us rather than a handful of billionaires,” he says in the spot.

The second spot features Sanders’ fight in the Senate to stop cuts to Social Security.

“We said it will be over our dead bodies if you cut Social Security. As president, I will do everything I can to extend the solvency of Social Security and expand benefits for people who desperately need them,” Sanders says.

The third ad focuses on Mari Cordes, a nurse from Lincoln Vermont, who says that Bernie Sanders is the only candidate who understands how pharmaceutical companies are ripping off Americans, and is the only one who can deliver real change.

The last, and most popular ad on YouTube to date, dubbed Bottom 100 Million shows Sanders speaking to camera about wealth and income inequality.

“The 15 richest Americans acquired more wealth in two years than the bottom 100 million people combined,” Sanders says.

The new ads will hit the airwaves Tuesday, according to a press release from Sanders’ campaign.

What happens if Bernie Sanders doesn’t win?

If you are one of the many Berniephiles who has been wondering – either aloud and in public, or privately to yourself – what you might do if Bernie doesn’t’ win; if you are one who has considered writing in Bernie’s name on your primary election ballot if Hillary Clinton should happen to win the Democratic presidential nomination; or if you are even considering just sitting out the general election entirely, should Hillary be running against the Republican nominee instead of Bernie, then I have a word for you:

Stop.  Please just stop.

Pause for a few moments to consider the utter absurdity of the situation:  Here we are, more than a month before the first head counts will be conducted in the Iowa Caucus…already gaming out our possible moves for a Plan B…when we haven’t yet even implemented Plan A – not by a long shot.

Folks, I mean this in the most kindly, constructive way, when I tell you that we simply can’t afford to take our eyes off the ball in this manner.  We are very much on the way to forming an historic movement that will win the Democratic nomination for Bernie, will elect Bernie Sanders as president, will sweep away much of the corruption and political sabotage that afflicts America, and will ultimately transform this country.  Every ounce of energy devoted to speculation about ‘what happens if it doesn’t work out’, every moment of attention devoted to considering the alternatives ‘if Bernie doesn’t win’ not only distracts focus from our all-important mission, it actively undermines our efforts to achieve that mission at all!

From every direction, we are besieged with messages of doubt and despair – by a corporate news media driving the obsessive drumbeat of “Bernie can’t win”; by a corrupt Democratic Party Establishment that is throwing every roadblock into our path that it can; by a Clinton campaign that is, once again, pulling out all the stops to persuade us of Hillary’s “inevitability”, we are being encouraged to “wake up”, give up, let it go, and “face reality”.  Why exactly is this the case?  Why are each of these centers of Establishment power so eager to convince us that we can’t win?  You know the answer:  It’s because they know we CAN win.  They know that if we are united and if we are determined, then we WILL win.  And they know that the only hope they have of beating us…is to convince us to beat ourselves!

Progressives “of a certain generation” have literally lived through decades of disappointment and disillusionment – from the Camelot era of JFK that came to an abrupt and tragic end, to the promise of progressive reform that died that June night in Los Angeles with RFK, to Nixon’s election in 1968, Nixon’s landslide reelection in 1972, and many, many occasions ever since.  Understandably, a certain fatalism and cynicism has taken deep root among some of us – a fatalism and cynicism that the Establishment has long nurtured and cultivated, and often used against us, with devastating consequences.  That attitude must change, and it must change now.  With respect to this needed mental discipline, our comrades among Bernie’s Millennial supporters can be most helpful.  Those of us who have become discouraged and jaded can renew our spirits with their optimism and their energy.

My friends: Winning doesn’t come about by, in essence, saying to ourselves, ‘Well, I’ll try...but if it doesn’t work out, at least I’ll have other options.’  Winning doesn’t come to pass by working for the win, yet preparing for defeat, ‘just in case’.  Because such timid, insecure approaches carry within them the seeds of their own defeat.  They actually promote defeat.

Victory comes when we program ourselves for victory – and that means willing victory into existence, by any means necessary, no matter what it takes.  Victory requires complete commitment and absolute determination.  Victory leaves no room for doubt, no room for fear, no time or energy for laying alternate plans.  Period.

If we actually, truly, genuinely want to bring to pass the political revolution for which Bernie Sanders has called, then we have it within our power to do so: No more wasted time or wasted energy preparing for contingencies that need never arise.  Ultimately it starts, and ends, with the will that is within us – within our own hearts, and within our own minds.  That is the actual battleground on which the fight for our political revolution must, and will, be won.

Supporters go caroling for Bernie Sanders

Supporters of Bernie Sanders in Los Angeles have taken to the streets to sing Christmas carols about the presidential candidate.

On Sunday, around a dozen supporters went caroling for six hours through the streets of Los Angeles, singing traditional Christmas carols with a Bernie Sanders twist.

Lauren Steiner, who conceived the idea, told the Bernie Post that she has been working on putting the project together since Thanksgiving.

“We started at the Mar Vista Farmers Market, proceeding through the hip shopping street ofAbbott Kinney Blvd in Venice, hitting a few locations on Main St in Santa Monica, and ended up at the famous Third Street Promenade,” she told us.

“One of the volunteers brought his guitar and he accompanied the singers, and others brought bells.

The carolers sung 16 standard Christmas carols with lyrics adapted to reflect Bernie Sanders’ platform.”

Lauren says local LA for Bernie volunteer Debra Mayes helped her to write the carols, as well as Meria Marom, Nathan Kersey-Wilson and Sarah Remley.

The supporters also went into an Apple store, where they navigated the devices to Bernie Sanders’ campaign website.

After six long hours of caroling, the group retired at a local restaurant on the Promenade to enjoy a well earned round of drinks and appetizers.

Lauren is encouraging other local Bernie groups across the country to hold similar events, and says anyone wishing to obtain the lyrics to her carols can do so by sending her an email.

Photographer Brian Feinzimer captured photos of the the enthusiastic Sanders supporters. His photos were published in the LA Weekly.

Sanders launches major TV ad campaign in Nevada

Bernie Sanders’ campaign on Tuesday launched the first major Nevada television advertising blitz of any presidential candidate so far this year.

“Bernie intends to run a full-fledged national campaign beginning in Iowa and New Hampshire and extending into later states across the nation,” said Sanders’ senior adviser Tad Devine.

“The campaign’s movement into Nevada with statewide television advertising is a demonstration of Bernie’s potential and strength with voters and our belief that his story and message of American’s rigged economy held in place by a corrupt system of campaign finance will resonate powerfully across the nation.”

The new ad buy in Nevada is a sign of strength for the Sanders campaign, who say it shows they are taking his campaign beyond just Iowa and New Hampshire.

The ad, titled “Real Change” shows Sanders’ history and record of achievement.

“Bernie’s campaign is the kind of strong, well-funded insurgent movement that can and will succeed, in large measure because it is powered by people, with more than 2 million contributions which continue to come in at an historic and unprecedented pace,” said Sanders’ campaign manager, Jeff Weaver.

“We look forward to expanding Bernie’s campaign on the ground and in the airwaves in many more states in the days and weeks ahead.”

Bernie Sanders to visit Nevada

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders will make a two-day trip to Nevada next week, where he will hold rallies in Las Vegas and Reno.

Sanders will arrive in Nevada on Sunday, December 27, when he will hold a town meeting at the Reno Ballroom from 4:30pm. Doors for that event will open at 3:30pm.

On Monday, Senator Sanders will hold a second Nevada event in North Las Vegas, at Canyon Springs High School. That event will kick off at 6:30pm, and doors will open at 5pm.

Both evens are free, and open to the public, however the campaign strongly advises that all attendees RSVP to the events on their website.

Sanders’ campaign on Tuesday kicked off a television advertising blitz in Nevada, the first of any White House candidate so far this campaign. The ads will air next week.

Clinton campaign: Sanders on track to outraise us

Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook sent an email to Clinton’s supporters, appealing for donations after Sanders’ recent fundraising success.

“Bernie Sanders’ campaign is on track to outraise us this month,” Mook writes in the email.

“They say they’ve brought in more individual contributions than any candidate has ever had at this point in a primary.”

The email warns that Clinton has ‘more support’ but Sanders’ supporters are chipping into his campaign. It says that the Clinton campaign may not have the resources it needs in Iowa and New Hampshire to compete.

The email also states that Clinton’s campaign needs to raise another $2 million by the end of the year.

Sanders’ campaign has raised millions of dollars over the past few weeks, and has now received upwards of 2 million individual campaign contributions, beating a record set by President Obama.

Sanders electrifies Sioux City

Senator Bernie Sanders spoke to a crowd of more than 1,000 in Sioux City, Iowa on Monday night, just a few days before Christmas.

At the Sioux City Convention Center, Sanders outlined his vision for America.

“What I want to do is be a president that works with millions and millions of people to transform this country and make it into the nation that you and I know that it can be,” he told the crowd.

“I will never stop talking about the needs of working families. I will never stop talking about poverty. I will never stop talking about being able to afford college. I will never stop talking about climate change. I will never stop talking about income and wealth inequality.”

Senator Sanders hit out at Secretary Clinton’s connections to Wall Street, after she was pressed on the matter at the ABC News debate over the weekend.

“Secretary Clinton was asked about Wall Street liking her. She said she wants to be liked by everybody,” he told the crowd.

“I understand wanting to be liked by everybody, but if we’re going to stand up to the greed of Wall Street and the greed of corporate America, I accept them not liking me.”

Sanders’ swing through Iowa comes as a new poll shows him in a statistical tie with Hillary Clinton in the Hawkeye State.

On Tuesday, Sanders will head to Storm Lake, Harlan and Council Bluffs. There are just 42 days until the Iowa caucuses get underway.