New polls show promise for Sanders

A series of CBS News/YouGov polls released this week show Sanders leading, and within the margin of error in two early-voting states.

The polls, released on Monday, show Sanders ahead of Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire by 7 points, a lead that has been reflected consistently in many other recent polls.

He trails the former Secretary of State by just 6 points in Iowa. Polls from October put her ahead by as much as 32 points, clearly closing the gap and firming up support since then. That puts Sanders within the 7.6 per cent margin of error.

However, Sanders faces an uphill battle in South Carolina, where he currently trails Secretary Clinton by 47 points, an improvement on the 54-point margin shown by a PPP poll earlier this month. The margin of error on that poll was 8.7 per cent.

3 Replies to “New polls show promise for Sanders”

  1. The Poll used in SC, PPP is part of a group inside of the Clinton campaign, to use pool like this can be a problem as the Republicans found out when they were listening to Fox polls and Rasmussen polls that turned out to be simply an echo chamber of what they wanted to hear.

  2. If Bernie is not the nominee for the democratic party there will not be much hope for the country! Those that think that Hillary will get the presidency are going to be disappointed when she cannot win the election. At best Hillary can hope for a majority of democrats with a low turnout. Almost no independants or republicans will be voting for her. Republicans always win when voter turnout is low. If Bernie is the nominee he will bring many new excited young and old people into the voting booths along with many independants and a percentage of dissatisfied republicans. Our best chance is with Bernie. Please give him your support!

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